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Doctoral/Postgraduate School

General Information
    Doctoral and Postgraduate School are forms of scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification.
Preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff in higher education institutions in the system of SES of Ukraine is in postgraduate school and doctoral due to the state order - from the state budget provided for SES of Ukraine.
In doctoral of the university preparation of the teaching staff is realized on the following specialties:
- 21.06.02 - "Fire safety";
- 05.13.22 - "Project and Program Management"

In postgraduate school of the university preparation of the teaching staff is realized on the following specialties:
21.06.02 - "Fire safety"; 
05.13.22 - "Program and Project Management"; 
13.00.04 - "Theory and Methods of Professional Education";
21.06.01 - "Environmental Security";
05.13.06 - "Information Technology".

Preparation of adjunct carried on public order and at the expense of businesses and individuals. Before joining accepted workers and employees of government departments and SES of Ukraine, as well as employees of other ministries and departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations, other citizens of Ukraine who have higher education and qualification of "specialist" or "master".
Enrolment to postgraduate school is in December. Candidates for training take exams on Philosophy, Foreign Language and Specialty. The decision on admission to the entrance examinations in doctoral or postgraduate school is made by the selection committee of the University according to the interview, review abstract and presented scientific papers written and so on.

The documents for admission to doctoral, postgraduate school Lviv State University of Life Safety
1. The report (statement).
2. Personal data sheet frames.
3. List of published works and inventions.
4. Medical health certificate in form №086-in.
5. Copy of diploma of graduation indicating received training specialist or master's degree and transcript of information (persons who have received appropriate education abroad - a copy of diploma).
6.  Driving on taking candidate examinations (if they are).
7.  Autobiography.
8. Recommendation of the employer.
9.  The report (statement) from Dr. or PhD consent manage dissertation research.
Note. Passport and higher education diploma must be given by an entrant personally.
If you are interested, please submit till 1st of November in the prescribed manner information on candidates for doctoral studies, postgraduate school.


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