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Laboratory of safe future intellectual simulation

Safe future intellectual simulation laboratory (further laboratory) is scientific structural subdivision of Lviv State University of Life Safety. It is governed by Legislation of Ukraine “On scientific and technological activities”, “On priority development fields of science and technology”, “On higher education”, “On protection of rights to an invention and utility models”, “On copyright and related rights”, Conception of academic and technological and innovative development of Ukraine, another laws and regulations of Ukraine, Statute of LSU LS.
The purpose of the laboratory is actualization and development of fundamental and applied researches connected with elaboration and implementation of innovative technologies, methods and life security facilities in different spheres of human activity.
Main tasks of the Laboratory:

  • Research organization in elaboration of methods, means and techniques of monitoring, forecasting and natural and man-made emergency situation prevention and relief of its consequences;
  • Development of theory, models and information technology of decision support intelligent system synthesis during emergency response and relief of the consequences;
  • Development of methods and life safety model at project-oriented management;
  • Modeling of phenomena and processes emerging as a result of emergency situations with the use of specialized computer systems;
  • Development of new information technologies and innovations in training systems and qualification-based training of civil defence subunit specialists as well as increasing of education level of population in the sphere of life safety;
  • Engineering and development of engineering and technical measures of civil defence;
  • Creating conditions for active involvement to scientific and research activity all talented students, cadets and young university scientists;
  •  Performance of research and development work on contractual and fiscal basis and projects that are financed by European committee.

Main forms of Laboratory activity:

  • Theoretical and experimental investigations;
  • Conduction of engineering and consulting services;
  • Provision of paid consulting services and expert opinion preparations;
  • Carrying out expert examination of materials, technologies from the viewpoint of fire and technogenic safety etc.;
  • Proposal and recommendation development concerning research results implementation;
  • Realization of maintenance implementation of research and development activity;
  • Teamwork with departamental laboratories in accordance with activity profile;
  • Organization of scientific and technological and education exhibitions, seminars, sessions, conferences, schools that provide promotion of scientific, scientific-technical and educative achievements of LSU LS.

The following works are performed in the Laboratory on a contractual basis
National sporting complex “Olimpiyskiy” Kyiv:

  • Action plan and administration and personnel response in case of emergencies in the territory of National sporting complex “Olimpiyskiy”;
  • Evacuation plan in case of emergencies in the territory of National sporting complex “Olimpiyskiy”;

There are performed works upon the project “Building reconstruction of PE “International airport “Lviv” in cooperation with FDI “Tebodin Ukraine”

  • Section engineering and technical measures of civil defence (civil protection).
  • Plan development of liquidation and elimination of accidents and emergency situations.
  • Identification of hazardous industrial facility (HIF).
  • Passport elaboration of potentially hazardous facility (PHF) for diesel generator.
  • Identification of potentially hazardous facility (PHF) (diesel generator).

State enterprise “Construction Works Directory to EURO-2012 in Lviv”

  • “People evacuation time calculation from Lviv stadium to EURO-2012 to safe territory”.
  • “People evacuation time calculation from top and bottom decks to safety zone on Lviv stadium to EURO-2012”.
  • Regulations of stadium personnel operations at servicing and hazards or emergencies in stadium roof metal constructions from natural phenomena, Stryis’ka str.199, Lviv”.









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