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Publishing Activities

Publishing Activities

Problem book  in general physics: textbook.
L.I. Yarytska, V.A. Balytska
The book sets out the theoretical information to the general physics course, Examples of solution of typical problems are considered and self-preparation tasks are suggested.
It is for cadets and students of higher engineering education institutions towards "Fire Safety".
It is recommended by the Academic Council of the Lviv Institute of Fire Safety Ministry of  Emergency Situations of Ukraine, protocol № 2 11.10. 2005, as a training apliances for university students

Criminal law in the work of the State Fire Supervision of Ukraine. Textbook
Renkas A.G., Polovko A.P.
The main provisions of criminal law relationships arising in the investigation of crimes, related to the fires, are considered in the textbook. The textbook is designed for cadets and studenfs of  fire-technical profile, as well as engineers and inspectors of the State Fire Inspection.

General electrical engineering. The theory of electric and magnetic circuits. Textbook.
V.I. Gudym, M.N. Semerak, Yu.I. Rudyck.
The textbook is written in accordance with the curriculum of the course "General Electronics", read at the Lviv State University of Life Safety for bachelors and specialists, which calculates of 172 hours. It  covers a range of DC magnetic circle, circle-phase AC, three-phase range and transients. The materials of the textbook contains modern methods of calculation of linear electric circuits, which are based on the use of complex notation.
Examples of common algorithms and solving common problems are given for a deeper assimilation stipulated in the theoretical material most important topics.
The testbook is intended for students, faculty and students of the correspondence and distance learning of higher education institutions of  Ministry of Ukraine, and it may also be useful for students of other disciplines who study this course within the "General Electrical Engineering."

Total, inorganic and organic chemistry.
Scherbyna O.M.
Theoretical material and examples of solving problems and explaining them are given. The basic formula for the calculation, the names and units of physical units, variants for individual tasks are shown.
It is for students of technical schools

History of Ukraine. Part I: From Ancient Times to the XVIII century.: Workshop.
Lavretzkyi R.V., Nagirnyak M.Ya., Teluk S.R.
It is as part of the workshop program covered the course of history of Ukraine (Scythian-Sarmatian era to the end of XVIII century.), which is assigned to seminars and independent work. The reader will find modern scientific answers to difficult questions of national history in it. Proposed thesis of answers and excerpts from historical documents complement lectures supplement the course on the History of Ukraine, help to improve the skills of working with different types of sources, and develop creative thinking and objective historical thinking of students.
The workshop is designed for complete training of students aton-humanitarian institutes in  Ukraine's history and culture, in-depth study of the history of their native land. It will be useful for everyone who is interested in the political and social history of Ukraine, its culture, and wants to understand the details of the past through historical documents.

Lviv: the historical and cultural heritage (750 anniversary of the city). Materials of Scientific Conference April 14, 2006
Collected Works
The articles and reports presented at the scientific conference "Lviv: the historical and cultural heritage", which was dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the city are included to the collected works.
The questions of historiography and source studies of Lviv, theoretical problems of historical and literary heritage of the city of Lviv in the reception of Ukrainian folk ritual, philosophical thought, art, meaning of  historical monuments in the educational process are concidered.


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