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Scientific research laboratory of environmental security


Scientific research laboratory of environmental security performs the measurements in the sphere of emanation of state metrological supervision:

  • Controls the quality of industrial emissions and emotions of tradeable permits with automobile exhaust fumes into the atmosphere
  • performs check studies and analysis of air composition of private premises, public and amenity spaces for the presence of hazardous substances;
  • controls the quality of open water, groundwater and waste waters;
  • performs laboratory control at work of waste treatment facilities and gas and dust removal facilities;
  • performs laboratory control at soil contamination;
  • controls observance of standards of maximum permissible discharge and emissions by enterprises that use natural resources; makes an assessment of environmental impact;
  • performs strategical luggage control of environmental variables at places  of technogenic and natural calamities.

SRL of environmental security, as certified unit, may also take part in carrying out of:
 Reference measurements;

  • Works at a result of which sanctions may be applied during environmental quality control;
  • Audit of the activities of other certified laboratories.

SRL of environmental security has possibility to research composition and physicochemical environmental parameters, industrial products and service utility materials in order to evaluate its cleanness and environmental security.
Beside applied scientific research, here are those who can take part in training process:

  • Both cadets and students can have on-the-job and pre-diploma training;
  • Graduates of LSU LS undertake an intership;
  • Lecturers and students (postgraduates) carry out scientific studies both of environmental and general natural branches.

Besides, the laboratory may also determine and perform clean-up activities of premises, installations and territories from pollutants.   
Furthermore, if necessary, RSL of environmental security may also perform substandard one-time, current or complex chemical, ecological and analytical researches of facilities, determined by employer, if needed for this measurement list is within limits of laboratory accreditation.


- chief of the department of RSWO, PhD in Engineering, Rudyk Yulriy Ivanovych 067-971-63-84; 063-489-78-54;
- Chief of SRL of ecosecuriry, PhD in Chemistry,
associate prof. Sysa Leonid Volodymyrovych




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