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Distance Education Department

      At Lviv State University of Life Safety Department operates correspondence and distance learning (hereinafter Department), which trains students of correspondence courses in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Higher Education Regulation on training in universities DSNS Ukraine on the job (extramural training) and the Regulations on the department of correspondence and distance learning.
         Department - a powerful unit of the University, which successfully cooperates with Training Center with all departments of the university. The high professional level of the teaching staff and properly organized educational process at the department contribute to personal growth, raising the level of theoretical training each student. And computers, simulators and modeling equipment can develop practical skills, significantly increasing the efficiency of the educational process.
         Part-time study at the Lviv State University of Life Safety provides higher education for the relevant educational levels, specialties and areas of training on the job. Whereas the basic amount of students are employees of departments DSNS Ukraine, educational process focused on their needs.
     The Department includes laboratory of distance learning and self-class students. The department is working on the introduction of new forms of learning - distance, the relevance of its use due to many factors, among them major - distance learning makes it possible to put new demands on the technology of submission. Today distance learning laboratory allows students to use the information systems in the learning process, access and choose their individual tasks in all subjects, use methodological information necessary for successful learning. Educational process is provided by modern technical equipment for computer classrooms, multimedia classrooms, students of the department have the opportunity to use existing collections of the University Library.
            Study process on distance learning done during the session and in the intersessional period. Session for distance learning - is part of the school year, during which all forms of the educational process, the curriculum (training sessions, lectures and laboratory practical, seminars and private lessons and control measures).
   The total length of sessions per academic year is determined based on the amount of additional leave. Number of meetings and deadlines of higher education institution established allowing for the training area (specialty), the education of students.
   Between sessions for distance learning - is part of the school year during which the students work on learning, both independently and under the guidance of a teacher. The main form of student learning above is the performance of individual assignments, term papers and projects.
Organizing training by correspondence during sessions and inter-session period carried out according to the schedule of the educational process, approved in the manner determined by the University, and communicated to students before the start of the school year. Schedule learning process consists of the current academic year from each training area (specialty).
   The graph displays: the number of sessions and the duration of their conduct; list of subjects studied and their volume; the amount of coursework and projects and their implementation period; Semester control and state certification and time of the meeting. Challenge students to a session carried out according to the schedule of the educational process. Help call is the basis for the provision of additional paid leave to students who complete the curriculum for the previous session, as established universities periods completed all course projects (works) and committed to their defense sent (issued) to help call for participation in training and the examination session. Issuance of certificates calls subject to strict accounting.
In the 2016-2017 academic year 646 students from almost all regions of Ukraine and foreigners study at the Department. The structure of the Department consists of 49 courses. It is as follows:

1. By professions (education bachelor's degree), 4 year training:
· Fire Security;
· Psychology (Applied Psychology);
· Ecology (Ecology and Environmental Protection);
· Transport Technologies (Road Transport);
· Cyber-security (information security management);
· Civil Security (labor).
2. the direction of educational qualification of Bachelor for short term study (2 years) on the basis of educational qualification of junior specialist in related field:
· Fire Security ;
· Transport Technologies (Road Transport);
· Ecology (Ecology and Environment).
3. specialties (educational qualification of specialist) training period 1.5 years:
· Fire Security;
· Psychology (Applied Psychology);
· Ecology (Ecology and Environmental Protection);
· Transport Technologies (organization and Traffic);
· Civil Security;
· Civil Security (labor).
4. specialties (MA) training period 1.5 years:
· Fire Security;
· Psychology (Applied Psychology);
· Ecology (environmental safety);
· Transport Technologies (organization and Traffic);
· Computer Science and Information Technology;
· Management (Project Management).
   Correspondence courses in the department based on direct contact with the student teacher during all phases of training: lectures, practical and laboratory work, consultations, acceptance tests, examinations, and so on.
    Graduates of the department of correspondence and distance learning are highly Bachelor and Masters and, with certain advantages and good prospects in the labor market, successfully working in various positions from private to head in  SES of Ukraine units. This is a guide for current students of the department of correspondence and distance learning.

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