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The Institute of Civil Defence



 Institute of Civil Defense of the Lviv State University of Life Safety, established in August 2010, is today one of the most productive and advanced in many areas of university life. 

The Institute is headed by a PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel of Civil Defense Service Andriy Renkas. PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel of Civil Defense Service Olha Menshykova is a Deputy Head of the Institute for teaching and research, and major of Civil Defense Mykhailo Trachuk is a Deputy Head of the Institute for educational and psychological work. Organization of educational process in the institute is carried out in 11 specialized classrooms and 5 laboratories (computer graphics, telecommunication systems, computer modeling, fire and rescue equipment and environmental safety). Practical exercises are conducted on the basis of educational-industrial complex, transport companies, departments of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine in Lviv Region, facilities and other universities of Lviv. During workshops and practical training cadets and students study and utilize fire and rescue equipment, and special machinery. The educational process at the Departments of the Institute is provided by 74 teaching staff, including 8 Doctors of Sciences, Professors (A.Kuzyk, V. Kucheriaviy, Ye. Martyn, V. Samotiy, O. Sydorchuk, Yu. Starodub, S. Stoiko, O. Zachko) and 38 Doctors of Philosophy, Associate Professors.


There are 6 departments at the institute:

  • Department of Environmental Safety
  • Department of Industrial and Occupational Safety
  • Department of Informational Security Management
  • Department of Project Management, Information Technologies and Telecommunications
  • Department of Civil Defense and Computer Modeling of Ecogeophysical Processes
  • Department of applied mathematics and mechanics.

Professor Andriy Kuzyk conducts a research seminar, in which the results of scientific research on various topics are reported and discussed. The topics include:

  • development of project information management principles State Emergencies Service structural units;
  • project and program management in the field of life safety;
  • informational and analytical, social and psychological system of life safety monitoring;
  • innovative information technologies in training specialists in the field of Civil Defense and Fire Safety;
  • efficient research and development of advanced means subjects teaching;
  • development of effective means of extinguishing agent supply in a seat of fire;
  • problems of ecological safety;
  • simulation of dangerous environmental and geophysical processes.

Departments of the Institute successfully run scientific societies for cadets and students. The members of scientific societies participate in various competitions and conferences both at our university and other educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad.



The Institute of Civil Defense currently provides training for more than 400 cadets and students.