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Institute of firefighting and indistrial safety

  One of the main tasks of the Institute of firefighting and industrial safety is to teach a man how to deepen their knowledge as well as acquire new knowledge in the course of their life’s activity. Due to cross-functional training, our graduates rank high among junior specialists in the domain of civil protection, who start to work for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine on a yearly basis.

    The institute graduates are ready to carry out urgent tasks of emergency containment and organizing essential services for the disaster-affected region as well as solving organizational, technical, engineering tasks of providing fire safety, assessing the level of fire hazard of technological processes by means of calculating methods, designing engineering solutions for the protection of equipment, constructions and buildings, carrying out design estimates and monitoring the implementation of the rules of fire and technological safety.

   The institute consists of eight departments: The department of law and management in the field of civil protection, Special Rescue Training and Physical Education Department, Department of Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Fire Automation, Fire department tactics and rescue operations, Department of Monitoring and Prevention activities, Department of burning processes and General Chemistry, Department of Fire and Rescue Equipment and Department of Thermodynamics and Physics.  

  The main structural component of the institute consists of structural and drill units. They are:

• first year


- regimental commander major of civil protection Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Shpikula;


- vice regimental commander first lieutenant of civil protection Maksym Yuriovych.

- commander of instructional regiment lieutenant of civil protection Roman Ivanovych Oliinyk.



• second year

- regimental commander lieutenant colonel of civil protection Vitaliy Yaroslavovich Hodiy;

- vice regimental commander first lieutenant of civil protection Volodymyr Romanovich Sydir;

- commander of instructional regiment first lieutenant of civil protection Andriy Leonidovych Yakovlev;

• third year

- regimental commander lieutenant colonel of civil protection Serhiy Petrovych Kordunov;

- vice regimental commander first lieutenant of civil protection Stepan Mykhailovych Vitkovskiy;

- commander of instructional regiment lieutenant of civil protection Andriy Oleksandrovych Antonov;


• fourth year

- regimental commander major of civil protection Bohdan Yaroslavovych Boichuk;

- vice regimental commander captain of civil protection Yaroslav Ihorovych Vasylyshyn;

- commander of instructional regiment first lieutenant of civil protection Artem Denysovych Okhrimets;


• fifth year

- regimental commander lieutenant colonel of civil protection Oleh Stefanovych Tyndyk;

- vice regimental commander major of civil protection Іванків Petro Petrovych Ivankiv;

      The educational process at the institute is provided by 65 members of the staff, 5 of them being PhD’s, 39 of them being PhD candidates and 21 of them currently working on their theses.

The institute houses scientific seminar “Theoretical and practical problems of maintaining technological and fire on-site safety” which is chaired by PhD in Technical Sciences, professor Vasyl Illich Hudym. The seminars demonstrate the results of scientific and research works as well as theses on different topics conducted by the staff, such as:

·         Ways of increasing concrete resistance to high temperature.

·         Increasing fire resistance of iron constructions by means of coverings based on silicon-element-organic composites.

·        Research of flexible rescue systems for rescuing people from heights in the event of fire.

·        Research of fire breakouts caused by specific modes of power circuits and developing recommendations for their prevention.

·         Designing and research of fire alarm properties.

·         Autonomous sources of power in fire safety automated.

·         Designing methods of conducting rescue operations by smoke-and-fire servicemen in confined areas.

·         Increasing fire resistance of barring constructions by means of implementing vermiculite-and-silicon tiles.

·         Research of combustion gas toxicity. 

·         Development of statutory and regulatory coverage in the domain of fire safety and civil protection.

The agenda of the scientific seminar of the Institute of firefighting and technological safety.

Institute houses various sections that aim their work at the development of creative skills of their disciples as well as increasing their level of executive qualities. Dance groups, glees, choirs and vocal-instrumental ensembles that take part in concerts in Ukraine as well as abroad play significant role in the cultural and entertainment aspect of university life. Therefore, cadets take active part in amateur plays, concerts and various cultural and entertainment events that take place at the university and outside of it. It is worth mentioning that the cadets of the institute have been taking the prize in annual amateur plays for six years now. 


By joint efforts of the staff and the disciples, a stress-free environment has been created in the institute, where any cadet or student if free to demonstrate their talent without having to fear the authority of the officers or lecturers.

     Additionally, the institute organizes guided tours to historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine, meetings with prominent men of culture, fire service veterans and poetry soirees. The cadets of the institute conduct career guidance work at schools and organize Young Firefighter Squads.

     One of the main priorities of the institute is popularizing different kinds of sports. It goes without saying that the sport and entertainment work is not ignored, as it is one of the main factors of of identity formation and development. Cadets visit various sections of fire-applied sports, triathlon for officers, sambo, boxing, shooting military weapons, cross country running, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, martial hopak, powerlifting and weightlifting. Our cadets have taken quite a few prizes in both national and international competitions. To name a few of them: sixth year cadet A.V. Syprynyuk – European champion in “universal fighting”, repeated champion champion of Ukraine Cups and Championships, as well as the foreign ones; fifth year cadet A.Yu.Avramenko – World Champion in PPS in 2011, bronze medal in World Championship in 2010 and 2012, repeated champion of Ukraine; S.Z. Karpa – master of sports in bodybuilding, European champion, prizes in World and Ukraine championships; D.M. Vorobey – master of sports of Ukraine in weightlifting, member of the national team; B.B. Tyshchuk – master of sports of Ukraine in light athletics, participant of the World Championship in 100-metre marathon; S.S. Shynkaruk – champion and prize-winner of the Kickboxing Championship of Ukraine.  


The institute promotes and encourages talented and purposeful cadets and students. All-A disciples receive exhibitions. Moreover, winners of competitions, student olympiads, authors of the best scientific works and participant of all-Ukrainian and international conferences receive bonuses. The best cadets traditionally have traineeships in Krakow school of postgraduates (The Republic of Poland) or take part in various international projects in the domain of life safety

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