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Laboratory of fire safety

This information is for directors, owners, entrepreneurs, civil servants, fire security officers, expert of state fire protection service, fire safety services, enterprises doing work and providing services in the sphere of fire safety, for all concerned
Scientific Research Laboratory of LSU LF (SRL) was founded on February, 2010 and is part of the department of scientific and editorial work organization.

  • Leading research associate of  RRW(repair and restoration work) Petrovs’ky Vitaliy Lvovych
  • Director – Lozyns’kyi Andriy Tarasovych.

Scientific research laboratory of LSU LS on September 2010 was qualified in measuring of state metrological control extension and has possibility to investigate and work on fire hazardous characteristics evaluation for corresponding objects.
On February 2011 SRL obtained a license in State Fire Safety Department of SES of Ukraine for testing on fire hazard materials, material product and equipment design as well as fire-fighting machinery, fire-fighting equipment, production of fireproof application on compliance with the applicable requirements, namely:

  • Giving opinions and technical requirements approval;
  • Testing of substances, materials on fire safety;
  • Calculation of buildings and structures categorization on fire safety;
  • Elaboration of measures on fire safety. Demonstration of establishment/disestablishment of automatic extinguishment systems, signalization, antifire obstacles etc;
  • Test performance of constructional materials;
  • Test performance of goods and equipment to meet fire safety requirements.

The laboratory is situated in separate building and consists of thermotechnical and thermophysical laboratory, fire-response testing laboratory, open platform for fire-response testing also part of the laboratory.
SRL is equipped with necessary equipment for identification of explosive parameters of flammables and materials as well as means of measurement technique, test facilities and standard samples. Test procedures are used in accordance with regulatory documents that regiment the requirements for measuring objects.
Head of the department of combustion procedure and general chemistry Balanyuk Volodymyr Mirchovych tel.067 6739061      063 3284748

Leading research associate Petrovs’ky Vitaliy Lvovych
Scientific research laboratory director Lozyns’ky Andriy Tarasovych


  • Liquids

- Flash point in a closed cup
- Flash point in an open cup
- Ignition temperature
- Spontaneous ignition temperature

  • Solid substances and materials, finish materials
  •  Ignition temperature
  • Spontaneous ignition temperature
  • Flammability group
  • Linear speed
  • Index spreading fire
  • Fire-retardants
  • Efficiency determination of fire retardation

(metal, wood constructions, cable products)

  • Foam-makers
  • Evaluation of quality of foam-makers for fire-fighting (expansion coefficient,  resistance, acid capacity, density)
  • Lamps
  • Thermal conditions
  • Household and analogous appliances
  • Heating, fire resistance: speed of independent burning
  • Electrical products
  • Needle-flame test (average time of burning, speed of independent burning)
  • Thermal conditions (heating, fire resistance)
  • Domestic radio equipment
  • Needle-flame test (average time of burning, speed of independent burning),
  • Thermal conditions (heating, fire resistance)

Construction materials
Flame expansion group
Flammability group
Incombustibility group
Ignition time


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