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Comnemorating performance from our Acting Skills Studio

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Comnemorating performance from our Acting Skills Studio
Comnemorating performance from our Acting Skills Studio

Routine tests


Number Four reactor

Walls melt, floor buckles

Gamma disaster

one half million men mill

by the banks of the Dnieper

Level Seven Event

Unprecedented disaster

Flesh sloughed off

Rounding the corner

cellular structure instantly scrambled

eggs toast and jelly

Gaze upon the elephant's foot

Bathe in green glowing brilliant stochastic calculation

Mutant dogs roam the tainted halls of Prypiat 

Disparities reflect 

true death toll unknown

Concerned Scientists shed their lights 

on the encircling environment

Glittering glass carpets coat abandoned streets

Creaking Ferris wheel slowly turns into madness

Toxic twin of Fukushima

Thyroid Leukemia Cellular Damage Tumor

the caustic clouds still settling today

Generation after generation

dead women and children

Global impact particle spread

none have been spared

even into tomorrow.

Comnemorating Chornobyl Heroes our acting Skills Studio presented memorial performance "They saved time to live ..."

We, the new generation, can not change anything, but we can avoid such horrible things, which rocked our country, the whole of Europe in 1986. "We believe we have enough strength not to forget the feat of our brothers ..."


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