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Regular meeting of the seminar "Theory and Practice of Military and Technical Translation" was held with the participation of lecturers of foreign languages from Lviv State University of Life Safety and Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.
The methods and strategies of translation of scientific and local literature was the question under discussion. The lecturers H.A. Pastushuk and R.S. Savruk characterized the first and second-year students’ work on translation scientific articles, annotations as well as news for web page of our university. Together with students the lecturers discussed the features of full translation and analyzed the most common mistakes.
I.M. Drobit, associate professor, analyzed the ways of cultural realias interpretation at translation of museum and local history booklets. As an example the booklet of Yevhen Konovalets historical and memorial museum located in Zashkiv village near Lviv was taken. The main emphasis was laid on the style of the booklet and methods of conveying Ukrainian historical and cultural realias in English.
Students were familiarized with the succeeding translation projects. In particular, Oleksa Novakivs’kyi and Olena Kulchyts’ka artistic and memorial museums, which provided guide books for information, are interested in close cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Technical Translation.

Translated by Veronika Burda


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