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Heroes do not die…

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The commemoration meeting  of Heaven’s Hundred "Heroes do not die ..." was held​ in the cultural and educational center of the University. The third-year cadets and students of the Institute of Civil Defence prepared this memorial artistic event.
Once again they mentioned events of Maidan, read poetry devoted to the fallen heroes who gave their lives for the future and better life in their motherland. The cadet Diana Hrytsay devoted her author’s poem to the fighters for freedom and liberty of Ukraine.
The blood of the children of the country shed,
From the greed and malice of Satan
Do not cry, Mom! Heroes do not die,
But rise in the cries of struggle,
And every day we have them in memory,
There is no dirt and shame on their way
Where abject torturers are draggling now.
There was an atmosphere of sorrow during the evening, the pictures of fallen Heroes and videos of the revolution that shook the whole world were shown.
At the end of the event the participants and those present in the hall, having bent their heads, commemorated the Heroes of Heaven’s Hundred  with a minute’s silence. Each of us should remember their deed that showed that we are  free people.

Glory Ukraine! To the Heroes Glory!
 Translated by Olya Vyrovets


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