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May 2 the employees of the University, cadets and students honoured by a minute of silence their colleagues who performing their professional duties, died at Hrybovytskyi landfill.

22.06.2016 09:39

Up to 22:00 31.05 the bodies of three rescuers were found.

22.06.2016 09:37

31 May at the landfill near the village Zbyranka Zhovkva district, Lviv region  cadets of Lviv State University of Life Safety, along with...

03.06.2016 15:45


16.05.2016 00:14

University delegation composed the chairman of civil protection and computer eko- geographical modeling processes department, PhD professor Starodub Y.P.

29.04.2016 01:04

In 2016, on March 19, the competition of field-and-track crossing was hold as part of sports day 2015-2016 among units of LSU LS. The competition was organized by Special Rescue Training and Physical Educational Department


29.04.2016 01:03

On March 17, on the framework of cooperation between embassy of Canada to Ukraine and LSU LS, the University was visited by the commander of Canadian military mission contingent in Ukraine lieutenant-colonel Tim Arseno.

29.04.2016 01:02

On March 18, visual aid room to mark 202 anniversary of Taras Shevcheko’s birth took place at LSU LS. This event was organized by the Department of Ukrainian Studies.

29.04.2016 01:01

On March 17, the delegation of MD of SES from Kyiv headed by First Deputy Head, colonel of Civil Defense Agency Valerii Borys visited Lviv State University of Life Safety.

29.04.2016 00:59



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