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On March 17, the delegation of MD of SES from Kyiv headed by First Deputy Head, colonel of Civil Defense Agency Valerii Borys visited Lviv State University of Life Safety.

29.04.2016 00:59
University Representatives visited Kingston University, London

University delegation composed by the program ERASMUS + at Kingston University of London in UK members Head of Civil Protection Department of Ecology Geophysical and Computer Modeling Processes, Doctor of Physics&Math., Professor...

23.03.2016 16:20
Competition in English, German, French and Polish was held at the University

In Lviv State University of Life Safety competition in English, German, French and Polish was held among the cadets and students of LSU LS.

20.03.2016 21:33

March 8-10 as part of the "Unity in diversity: overcoming stereotypes and conflicts, dialogue between young people of the East, South and West of Ukraine," cadet of LSU LS Victor Povstyn, according to the competition, took part in an...

20.03.2016 21:13

On March 11, 2016 the Department of Technical Translation at Lviv State University of Life Safety hosted a local workshop within LocJAM contest, which is a non-profit initiative aimed at spreading the word about videogame localization...

12.03.2016 18:50

March 10, 2016 members of the scientific community, that acts at the department of Ukrainian Studies at LSU LS, took part in interuniversity scientific seminar of cadets and students' Shevchenko and Modernity" held at the National...

12.03.2016 18:47

March 9, 2016 it was held the regular meeting of an interdepartmental scientific and methodological seminar of the Institute of Psychology and Social Protection, attended by teachers of the department of humanities and social work and...

12.03.2016 18:45

Approximately 2,000 guests and residents of the city including cadets of Lviv State University of Life Safety gathered in front of City Hall to sing the national anthem together and thus celebrate the 151st anniversary since its first...

12.03.2016 18:44

The cooperation of the French Embassy in Ukraine with the Lviv University of Life Safety, which began in 2015 with the invitation of the senior lecturer I.

12.03.2016 18:44

The delegation of Lviv State University of Life Safety, headed by the head of the Department of Civil Protection and computer modelling ecogeophysical processes, Professor Yurii Starodub, is on a working visit to London. The visit takes...

12.03.2016 18:42



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