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Computer Science students developed a UniBell information and reference system

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Computer Science students  developed a UniBell information and reference system
Computer Science students developed a UniBell information and reference system

As part of a student R&D project, under the mentorship of Oleksandr Prydatko, Vitaliy Dzen and Mykhailo Kuninets, students of the Computer Science educational program, developed the UniBell information and reference system. For the user, it is presented as a mobile application for the Android operating system. After registration, the application allows one-click access to information on the training schedule for a specific day (date range). The system integrates the function of finding free classrooms, finding a teacher or study group. The built-in function of scanning the QR-code of the audience allows you to determine which lesson is held in the classroom in real time. You can download and install the application from the Play Market for the Android operating system at the link: https: // Id = .... Or enter the name of the application in the Google Play Market search bar /
For users of mobile gadgets with the iOS operating system and other operating systems, as part of the development of Smart-University, a chatbot has developed an instant access to information on class schedules. The functional properties of the chatbot are identical to the UniBell system. It allows you to quickly and easily automatically learn all the necessary information about the training schedule after pre-registration of the user. The chatbot was developed by Roman Myhasiuk, a student of the Computer Science educational program, under the mentorship of Olha Smotr, an associate professor of the department, as part of another student R&D project. You can start working in the chat at the link: The chatbot has an integrated user guide that contains clear instructions for working with it. It is also possible to leave a review there.
We invite research and teaching staff and students of the University to support the processes of digitalization of educational institutions and the development of local IT hub through the use of developed services. We also invite you to send feedback on the correctness of the systems directly through the services or contact the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Systems.


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