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Erasmus+ life-changing program

Версія для друку
Erasmus+ life-changing program
Erasmus+ life-changing program

The program allows LSULS students to acquire knowledge in foreign educational institutions during their studentship and at the same time to travel, live in European countries and gain new emotions.

Valeriia Midianka, a graduate of the "Computer Science" educational program, recently completed her semester of study under the Erasmus+ academic mobility program at the Estonian Academy of Security Science in Tallinn.
Students from Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Hungary studied together with our student under the academic mobility program. "In total there were 21 students. We all studied different specialties. Someone will be a rescuer, someone will be a police officer, and someone will protect the space from cyber threats and develop useful programs to protect the population and citizens," said Valeriia during the final evaluation speech.

Bright emotions from the educational initiative of the University can be observed from another quote by Valeria: "The first month was not easy, but now I remember it as a great adventure: you are alone in an unfamiliar city, and you become so strong after passing all the tests and being able to settle in here. The memories are super exciting when you meet someone on the street or talk to strangers, trying to ask them something in English."

During the period of mobility, Valery Midianka studied a number of different subjects, e.g. "Drone operations" and "Geo-information technologies in the field of rescue". The acquired knowledge and practical skills in the application of modern information technologies in the rescue field will allow the introduction of modern developments into the processes of digitization of the activities of rescue units.

If you want to try something new, get practical experience and study abroad, challenge yourself - apply for Erasmus+!


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