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Masters of the University received LSULS diplomas

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Masters of the University received LSULS diplomas
Masters of the University received LSULS diplomas

The graduation of the masters of Lviv State University of life safety took place today,35 professionals have joined the glorious ranks of the Civil Service emergency situations of Ukraine . They will implement the state policy in the spheres of
civil protection, protection populations and territories from emergencies and prevention them from occurring.
The graduation ceremonies began with a church service. Staff of the university and veterans prayed for those who defended
humans from the atom - for the Chernobyl liquidators.
Later, the traditional academic part began, where parents, guests, scientific and pedagogical staff, veterans shared with us the festive moment that the masters went to over 5 years. “Dear colleagues, as of today, our masters are on the calendar of significant dates you will enter another one - the date when you graduated from Lviv State University of Life Safety. You are 'the fruit' of the hard work of all scientific and pedagogical work community, a new generation of conscious young people, professionals in their field, worthy successors the heroic liquidators who are with us today and those who have gone to a better world.
Rectorate, The Scientific Council is proud of each of you. We are convinced that you have thorough quality knowledge received in these walls, and it will be the key to successful projects in your professional activities ”the rector of the University professor Myroslav Koval said: 'We very much hope that they have prepared you for a professional life, to serve Ukraine and we hope that we believe that they will be worthy and worthy to stand in the peace of the people in these difficult times for our State'.


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