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Medical training at Rescue Training Center of Lviv State University of Life Safety

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Medical training at Rescue Training Center of Lviv State University of Life Safety
Medical training at Rescue Training Center of Lviv State University of Life Safety

In the Training center of rescue works practical lessons: «Medicine Emergencies " and " Medical Training" are conducted by an associate professor of the department of industrial safety and labor protection Halyna Telehina and teacher of the department Roman Yayechnyk.

The purpose of classes is to improve cadets' skills in providing emergency help. The training center allows to conduct training and work out practical scenarios in conditions close to real (road-traffic accidents, falls from heights, etc.).

A practical scenario of traumatic injuries was the following: a car with three passengers was driving in the village, the driver's vision was not clear, and a man was riding a bicycle in front of the car. Not to crush into him, the driver braked sharply and stopped the car.

Cyclist, seeing the car driving, fell down. The driver hit the steering wheel with his head, a passenger sitting on the right of him got a head injury, the second passenger injured his hands, the cyclist had a knee injury.

Eight cadets arrived on a scene before ambulance car, put on medical gloves and masks (for own safety), checked whether it is safe to access the victims, disconnected the negative terminal from the battery to avoid an explosion, hedged the scene with cones of reflective paint, provided lighting the scene using the generator that your car is equipped with and started providing emergency help.

Two cadets of the first link approached the driver and saw that he was sitting leaning towards steering wheel, complaining of pain in the front and the center of the chest. At the site of injury there was edema, pain, sternal deformity. The second-level cadets found out that the passenger sitting next to the driver was complaining of pain in the head and visual impairment. He is slowed down, slowly executes commands, looks inattentively, his speech is slurred.

Cadets of the third link found that the second passenger who sat behind the driver, complained for pain in the left arm (near the radial wrist joint), active and passive movements of the left hand are impossible, the radial bone at the site of injury is deformed.

The cadets of the fourth link found that the cyclist had an unnaturally turned left leg. He complains of pain in his left knee, which is deformed, movements are impossible, leg shortened.

During the lesson, the cadets conducted an emergency diagnosis of traumatic injuries, carried out emergency help, called an ambulance assistance and before their arrival monitored the condition of the victims: monitored the condition consciousness and every 5 minutes checked the pulse and respiration rate.

They worked out a scenario "Help with heart stop using training external automatic defibrillator " During the cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, the cadets provided assistance during heart stop using training external automatic defibrillator, as well as performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a dummy simulator Ressusci Anne with Skill Reporter unit connected to a laptop with software provided in order to control the quality of resuscitation. Cardiac efficiency pulmonary resuscitation performed by cadets was 98%.

Classes at the Rescue Training Center contribute to the development of practical skills in providing emergency help, which is important under stress situations and lack of time. At the same time, the ability to communicate with others is developed participants, to combine skills of independent and team work in the conditions of emergency.


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