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Practical classes in rescue training center

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Practical classes in  rescue  training center
Practical classes in rescue training center

During this week in the rescue training center a number of classes were held for cadets of the University,
in particular:
• Department of Vehicle Operation, Fire and Rescue Equipment conducted practical
classes on the process of release (rescue) of the victim from car-transformer on the basis of «Toyota
Avensis " chassis, as well as the study of design features of passive safety system and gas cylinder
car equipment based on the simulator ("Mercedes Benz").
• Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection conducted practical Emergency Medicine classes
. The cadets provided emergency medical care to the victims of the accident
➢ traumatic brain injury;
➢ sternal fractures;
➢ knee bruises;
➢ fracture of the radial bone.
The victim in a state of clinical death underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
• the Department of Civil Protection and Computer Modeling of Ecogeophysical Processes conducted practical
classes with the work of hydraulic and pneumatic rescue tools using
innovative simulators:
➢ a simulator for practicing exercises with a pneumatic rescue tool;
➢ Jenga simulator.
• Department of special rescue training and physical education conducted practical classes "Fire and rescue training". Cadets climbed the climbing stand, working out
elements based on overcoming natural obstacles in mountainous terrain. They moved on
vertical ropes with the use of climbing equipment with a change of direction up and down
and vice versa. Then they hinged rope crossings with the help of hoist systems of different multiplicity, with the subsequent
rescuing victims in different ways, depending on the degree of injury. After that they rescued
victims of suspended chairlifts in different ways during emergency operation.

Classes in rescue training center enrich practical experience with climbing equipment,
improve skills of independent and team work during rescue operations, as well as provide
the ability to psychologically adapt to actions in extreme conditions.


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