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Ukraine, you are a miracle for me!

Версія для друку

​If you go far,
You’ll see a lot
You’ll see and sadden
Then remember me, brother!

On March 21 under the guidance of Ukrainian Studies department the regular meeting of Regional scientific seminar «Ukraine, you are a miracle for me» was held. The representatives of all University institutes from different regions of Ukraine took part in the seminar.
The theme of its activity was topical nowadays idea of all Ukrainian civil entity which was  supported with performances of two friends - 1st year cadets of the Institute of Fire and Technogenic Safety – Tasras Protsyshyn on the theme «Window - Pearl of Ternopil»  and Kyryl Stefanovych on the theme "Donetsk - city of millionroses». Speaking about memorable artifacts of their native lands, young researchers highlighted many obscure cultural realias. In this way once again the well-known thought that we must know about national history and culture in order to understand, develop and enrich them for the next generations of Ukrainians was confirmed.
   This meeting clearly demonstrated spiritual unity and wish to recognize and investigate the history and cultural realia of modern Ukraine.
Translated by Anya Nagervadze

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