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The 1ST Young Researchers’ International Web Conference

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The 1ST Young Researchers’ International Web Conference
The 1ST Young Researchers’ International Web Conference

The 1ST Young Researchers’ International Web Conference “Language, Culture, Communication in the Expanding Intellectual Space” was initiated and organized by the Polonia University in Czestochowa (Poland), Zaporizhzhia National University (Ukraine), and Lviv State University of Life Safety (Ukraine).
It was for the first time that an international conference invited over 100 participants from six Polish and Ukrainian universitties to exchange their experience and new ideas about the globalizing world multilingual settings, cultural studies and teaching foreign languges towards an integrated society. The main goal of the Conference was to bring together young researchers, encourage their academic cooperation and integration into the permanently expanding intellectual space that favours sharing knowledge, progressive attitudes, peace and friendship, empathy and collaboration. Another purpose of the Conference was to increase students’ awareness of different scientific approaches, the necessity of interculturalizing education and scientific communication.
An important focus of the conference was the intellectual space in various dimensions. Bachelor, master, and doctoral students, as well as established scientists, who have highly developed interest in the issues of language, culture, and communication, presented the results of their research on multidisciplinary dimension in intercultural interaction. The conference provided access to current ideas and practices from many complementary disciplines: theoretical and applied linguistics, discourse studies, historical and comparative studies, lingvopragmatics, cognitive linguistics, ethnography of speaking, methodology of teaching foreign languages and literature, sociology and psychology of communication, pedagogy.
Considering a wide range of topics, this Book of Abstracts offers a multidisciplinary approach to linguistic and cultural heritage. It reflects a very productive exchange of scientific ideas, and generous knowledge transfer from well-established scientists to young researchers.


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