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Department of Project Management, Information Technologies and Telecommunications

The Department of Project Management, Information Technologies and Telecommunications is the graduate department. Cadets and students can get Bachelor's and Master's degrees (Specialty 122 Computer Science). The license volume is 60 places for bachelors  and 23 places for masters. The department aslo prepares doctors of philosophy (PhD) in the specialties "Project and Program Management" and "Information Technologies".

In addition to the graduation specialty, the department provides teaching a block of disciplines for other specialties of the University, including "Fire Safety", "Transport Technologies", "Civil Security", "Cybersecurity" etc. The main courses, which are organized for other specialties, include the following: "Computer Science and Computer Engineering", "Engineering and Computer Graphics", "Business Computer Graphics", "Automated Control and Communication Systems" , “Transportation Information Systems”, “Automated Traffic Management Systems” and others.

The department has formed a scientific team that effectively conducts basic and applied research on the problems of life safety systems project management, information support and development of decision taking systems, as well as informatization of higher education. Four representatives of the department are the members of the specialized scientific council for the thesis defence according to the department's profile (specialties 05.13.06 - information technologies and 05.13.22 - project and program management).

Collection of scientific papers "Bulletin of LSU LS" has been published in the Lviv State University of Life Safety  since 2007. It is specialized in the fields of "Information Technologies" and "Project and Program Management" and is included in the list of professional editions of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine.

The department has established cooperation in the field of exchange of experience with other educational institutions and IT corporations of the city of Lviv and the Western region. In the areas of scientific research and educational activity, the department cooperates closely with the Ukrainian Association of Project Management, Volodymyr Dahl National University of Ukraine, Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukrainian Research Institute of Civil Protection, Lviv Polytechnic National University,  Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, Krakow School of State Fire Service of Poland, Social Sciences Academy in Warsaw  and other universities and research institutions.



History of the department: 


The history of the educational and scientific unit begins in 2001.  Lviv Fire and Technical College of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was reorganized into the Lviv Institute of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. At the same time the Department of Fire Automatics and Communication was established.

The newly created department was headed by Andriy Renkas, lieutenant colonel of the internal service. Further, due to the periodic restructuring of the units of the institute and the reorganization into the Lviv State University of Life Safety, the department was renamed to Department of Fire Automation, Electrical Engineering and Communication, headed by lieutenant colonel of the civil defence service Taras Rak.

In the process of development and of the educational institution, as well as the constant increase in the number of disciplines, in 2006 the unit undergoes division into the Department of Electrical, Industrial and Fire Automatics and the Department of Information Technologies and Telecommunication Systems", which became the part of the newly created Faculty of Information and Transport Security. The Department was headed by lieutenant colonel of the civil protection service, Igor Malets.

In 2007 the first recruitment of cadets and students in the specialty “Information Security Management” was licensed and implemented at the department, which led to another increase in the number of training courses and the number of scientific and pedagogical staff. Subsequently, some disciplines were transferred to the newly created Department of Information Security Management.

In 2010 the Department became a part of the Institute (later Educational and Scientific Institute) of Civil Protection of Lviv State University of Life Safety. In 2011, owing also to Doctor of Sciences, Professor Yuriy Rak, a specialty "Project Management" was licensed at the department, which made it possible  for cadets and students to obtain the Master's and Doctorate degrees in the relevant specialty. At the same time, a specialized scientific council K 35.874.02 on the protection of theses in the specialty “Project and Program Management was established at the University.

Due to the opening of a new specialty and partial reformation of the department, it got a new name Department of Project Management, Information Technologies and Telecommunications". Professor Yuriy Rak became a new Head of Department.

In 2016, due to the higher education system reformation the department started training cadets and students in two new specialties:  073 “Management” and 122 “Computer Science and Information Technologies”.

Since August 2016 the department has been headed by Doctor of Sciences, Professor Yevgen Martyn.

In 2017, the department completed the first enrollment of students in the specialty 122 "Computer Sciences" of the Bachelor's degree (full-time and part-time groups).

In 2018 the department successfully completed the re-accreditation of the cycle of study in the specialty 122 "Computer Sciences" for obtaining the Master's degree.


Department staff: 


Research and teaching staff: 

Head of Department

PhD (Candidate of Science in Engineering)
Lieutenant-colonel of civil protection

Associate Professor

PhD (Candidate of Science in Engineering), Associate Professor
Colonel of civil protection

Associate Professor

PhD (Candidate of Science in Engineering)
Colonel of civil protection

Professor of the Department

Doctor of Science in Engineering

Associate Professor

PhD (Candidate of Science in Engineering)

Associate Professor

Nazariy BURAK
PhD (Candidate of Science in Engineering)
Major of civil protection


PhD (Candidate of Science in Engineering)
Captain of civil protection


Olexandr HLEVNOY
Major of civil protection





Adjunct of the Department

Senior lieutenant of civil protection

Courses are taught at the department: 

Automated Control Systems and Communications
Automated Traffic Management
Implementation of project activities
Geometric modeling processes
The use of computers in the protection of environmental
Engineering and Computer Graphics
Information sciences and computers
Information sciences and systemology
Information support of operational and rescue service
Information support of SES of Ukraine
Information support of units of fire rescue service
Information support of road users
Information systems and technologies
Information systems in transport
Information technologies
Methods and models of optimal design in project management
Fundamentals of electronics and communications in fire protection
Planning of project activities
Planning of the project activity
Applied information technologies in the occupational and technical safety
Applied information technologies in the field of fire safety
System software
System analysis of projects
Telecommunication systems and networks
Risk management in projects
Formation of the project team

Scientific-methodical work of the department: 

Representatives of the department  are the authors of many textbooks and manuals such as: "System tools for managing security in IT projects" (Oleg Zachko, Yuriy Rak), "Fundamentals of Electronics" (Igor Malets), "Radiostations of the MES" (Igor Malets), "Leading means of communications used in the MES" (Yuriy Borzov, Igor Malets, Taras Rak), "Informatics and Computer Science" (Taras Rak, Oleg Zachko, Olga Smotr, Roman Grigorchuk, Nataliya Kukharska)," Virtual University "( Oleg Zachko, Taras Rak), “Computer Graphic Support for Technical Projects” (Yevgen Martyn, Solomiya Lyaskovska, Yuriy Oleniuk), “Project Analysis” (Yevhen Martyn, Yuriy Oleniuk), "Business Computer Graphics" (Yevgen Martyn, Solomiya Lyaskovska, Olexandr Prydatko) "Computer circuitry and architecture of computers" (Yuriy Borzov, Olga Smotr), "Object-oriented programming (Java, Python)" (Olga Smotr, Olexandr Prydatko, Igor Malets),  "Object-oriented programming (Java) (Olexandr Prydatko, Olexandr Khlevnoy, Nazariy Burak).

 Also it is necessary to notice the monographs, such as “Models, mechanisms and information technologies of portfolio management in development of complex regional life safety systems” (Oleg Zachko), “Remote technologies and courses: creation and use in educational activity” (Oleg Zachko, Victor Artemenko, Larysa Nozdrina), "Theoretical bases of durability estimation of contacting bodies with double curvature" (Olexandr Rymar), "Models, tools and information technologies of security management in projects of heavily trafficked facilities creation" (Roman Golovatyi).

Material-technical base: 

     The department is equipped with modern laboratories and classrooms to provide learning. Computer Graphics Laboratory was established in October 2006. The purpose of the lab is to provide the workshops on such subjects as "Engineering and Computer Graphics" and "Geometric modeling processes"; conduct scientific researches related to the handling remote sensing data of Earth, to detect and predict the large-scale emergencies (forest and steppe fires, floods, pollution of water, air, etc.); rapid formation of digital and paper maps.


     The laboratory is equipped with modern computers and software and is designed for 30 workplaces for students and two workplaces for lecturers. Lecturers’ workplaces are equipped by interactive whiteboard with multimedia projector, replacing the classic board, and with the graphics tablet A3 format, to automate the creation of drawings. Student workplaces are equipped by graphic tablets A5 format. There are A1 plotter and a color laser printer in the laboratory to print developed graphics. To ensure proper microclimate indoor laboratory it is equipped with air conditioning. A special lab of telecommunication systems also belongs to Department. A feature of this lab is that cadets and students can learn how the modern means of guiding and radio communications can be used by civil defense units and with promising modes of communication. Special attention is paid to the review of the current data transmission systems used by leading countries of Europe and North America. The workplaces for lab work are equipped with computers, laboratory benches and measurement.



    The laboratory set up a modern center of telecommunication systems (analog of control center of operational and dispatch service) for the preparation of specialists for "System 112" as a units of SES.

      In the process of training future computer science specialists, the department provides teaching of disciplines on the basis of the newly created center for intelligent modeling of a secure future, which is equipped with four state-of-the-art classrooms, equipped with powerful computer technology, interactive whiteboards, tools and tools.


Areas of research: 

The department has a strong scientific team, whose members effectively carry out basic and applied research on such problems as:

– information principles for managing the functioning and development of regional life safety systems;

– implementation of methodologies for the security-oriented project management of developing complex systems;

– development of models and methods of project management and project portfolios;

– development of information systems to support decision-making  processes in emergencies;

– development of security-oriented information systems for heavily trafficked facilities;

– geometric modeling of multi-parameter processes, objects and phenomena;

– development of modern information technologies for future rescuers’ training;

– informatization of higher education.

It should be noted that the scientific direction "Project Management and Programs" was started at the department with the active participation of Doctor of Sciences, Professor Yuriy Rak. Owing to Yuriy Rak a scientific school was formed, and more than 10 young scientists obtained the degrees of candidate and doctor of sciences in specialty 05.13.22 - Project and Program Management.


Science students and cadets: 

Talented students and cadets have the opportunity to conduct scientific work under the guidance of scientific and pedagogical stuff of the department. Every year students and cadets prepare about ten scientific works for participation in various scientific competitions. Considerable part of these works takes high places.

In addition, cadets and students of the scientific society of the department are actively involved in writing scientific articles, participating in conferences and improving the laboratory base of the department.

The main tasks of the scientific society of cadets and students of the department are:

– creating the conditions for the discovery of scientific and creative potential;

– finding and supporting talented researchers, providing them with comprehensive support;

– promoting the formation modern scientists with broad democratic outlook

– organization and development of inter-university and international scientific and cultural exchange.

The scientific society of cadets and students of the Department has done an outstanding job on creating innovative training tools for modern lifeguards by developing interactive computer training, 3D posters etc. Expanding such a database and integrating it into the virtual learning environment of the University, enables the use of innovative technologies in the learning process with remote access.

Cadets and students of the scientific society take an active part in the annual competition of projects held on the basis of the university and dedicated to the International Day of the Project Manager.

Cadets and students also participate in the All-Ukrainian contests of innovative ideas, grants, quests and more. At such events, young IT professionals gain invaluable experience in software development and demonstrate their own capabilities and ideas.


Cultural events, entertainment: 

Each group of the University has its own tutor from academic staff. All representatives of the Department have the groups they are assigned to. For the promotion of healthy lifestyle, attraction to the national cultural heritage, habituation with the way of life, traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people tutors organize different events together with cadets and students. They often organize hikes in the Carpathians and sightseeing in Lviv, visit theaters, museums, galleries, exhibitions , cinemas, IT – cafes and other interesting places.

Scientific research work: 

The department has the postgraduate military course in the scientific specialties "Information Technology" and "Management", where scientific and pedagogical staff carry out the teaching of disciplines and guide the writing of dissertations.

According to the profile of the department a specialized scientific council K 35.874.02 on the protection of dissertations in the specialties 05.13.06 - "Information Technologies" and 05.13.22 - "Project and Program Management" has been established. Professor Yevgen Martyn, Associate Professor Igor Malets Associate Professor Olga Smotr and Ph.D. Olexandr Prydatko are the members of this scientific council.

Head of the department Yevgen Martin is a full member of the sectoral committee of the All-Ukrainian student scientific works competition in the field of Applied Geometry, Engineering Graphics and Ergonomics (conducted on the basis of the National Technical University "KPI").

The main results of the research are periodically reported at international and national conferences and seminars, as well as published in national and foreign professional publications.

The department successfully cooperates in scientific and educational fields with the departments of other Ukrainian and foreign institutions, such as Lviv Polytechnic National University, National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov, Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Odessa National Polytechnic University, Step IT University, Ukrainian Catholic University and others.

The full-time scientific staff of the department, together with the post-graduate students (adjuncts) assigned to the department, takes an active part in the implementation of research work on the theme "Information and design bases for managing the functioning and development of regional life safety systems" whose main task is to develop a scientifically substantiated project support for the process of development and implementation of life safety systems of the united territorial communities (within the framework of the power decentralization reform).

Information for entrants: 


The Computer Science degree program provides training professionals for following institutions:

– State Emergency Service of Ukraine and other specialized (military) units;

– IT companies;

– Internet service providers;

– Mass-media;

– Mobile operators

– Any other organizations that use IT in their day-to-day business.

The Bachelor's educational program provides the study of disciplines aimed at obtaining professional skills in the following areas:

– Software development;

– Artificial intelligence and data analysis;

– Web programming and web design;

– Information technology units of SES of Ukraine;

– General professional competences (for more details see the section "Subjects ")

 Map of bachelor's training courses


The Bachelor's Degree Program in Computer Science is designed with the active participation of specialists in IT industry and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. It is aimed to meet current labor market needs and enable future professionals to work in the following areas:

– Database administration and programming;

– Creation of WEB-resources;

– Application programming;

– System administration and administration of computer networks;

– Integration of information systems into the daily activities of organizations;

– Artificial intelligence systems and decision support systems;

– Development and testing of software and computer programs;

– IT project management;

– Computer systems analytics;

– Teaching computer science and related disciplines;

– Work in units of SES of Ukraine (or other specialized military formations) that are responsible for information technologies and telecommunication systems.

After receiving the bachelor's degree, our students have the opportunity to continue their studies and obtain the master's degree in the following specialties:

"Computer Science";

“Project Management”.

The department organized the study of disciplines in graduation specialty in the dual education format. The Computer Science degree program has been developed with the opportunity to earn a specialty by combining elements of distance learning and practice in the specialty. Most of the undergraduate courses on the virtual learning platform provide students with a solid theoretical background and hands-on skills with remote access.

In order to gain additional knowledge and hands-on experience in the IT industry, students have the opportunity to participate in various projects at the IT companies in Lviv.

All third and fourth year of study full-time cadets and students have the opportunity to pursue a second higher education at the RESERVE-OFFICER TRAINING DEPARTMENT and to receive the rank of reserve officer (junior lieutenant) upon completion of their studies.

Graduates who have a propensity for research activities and who have successfully completed their professional studies are offered the opportunity to study in post-graduate сourse (adjuncture) at the University.

Students’ internships take place in the units of SES of Ukraine, IT companies, enterprises and organizations that use computer technologies.



Admission to the short-term study program is conducted for the third year according to the results of the professional test (written examination in the specialty)

ADMISSION CONDITIONS AND LIST OF COMPETITION SUBJECTS can be found on the website in the section "ENTRY". Contact phone numbers:

 (067) 769-01-06 Olexandr Prydatko

(067) 673-58-68 Igor Malets




Contact information:

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