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Department of Environmental Safety


The Department of Environmental Safety  is headed by Doctor of Science (Biology), Professor Stepan Mychaylivych. Stojko. Under his leadership, the scientific staff of 13 faculty members, including 1 Doctor of Science and 10 Doctors of Pholosophy. Department of Environmental Safety provides educational process and graduates students with educational qualification of Bachelor (6.040106) "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" and Masters (Specialist) (8.04010601 – (7.04010601) "Ecology and Environment ". In addition, academic staff of the department provide teaching courses for other training areas of the university, namely: "Fire Safety", "Civil Defense" "Transportation Technology", "Ocupation of Safety", "Information Security Management", "Practical Psychology" "Philology".

The Department uses modern educational technologies: giving problem lectures by meams of multimedia technology, business and case studies, laboratory and computer modeling processes of pollution and restore ecological balance.
Considerable attention is given to practical training of cadets and students. The main form of practical training is practical and laboratory examination of the actual experience of overcoming emergencies of ecological imbalance in Ukraine and foreign countries in order to analyze errors and establish the most effective means of action and environmental safety. The department operates scientific society of cadets and students where talented cadets and students with the opportunity to realize their research and creative potertsial through participation in competitions of scientific research and students’ conferences and seminars.

History of the department: 

     Natural and man-made emergencies and the elimination of their consequences are inextricably linked to environmental impacts and environmental controls. Therefore, in 2006, the Department of Environmental Security was established to train officers of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine - state inspectors for technogenic and environmental safety and civilian environmental specialists.
    The Chair was headed by the Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Protection Service, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Andrey Sibirny, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Yury Mykola Fedorovich. The current head of the department is Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Stoyko Stepan Mikhailovich.
    In 2009 the department successfully passed the accreditation in the field of preparation "Ecology, environmental protection and balanced use of nature" (preparation of bachelors), and in 2011 - in the specialty 8.04010601 "Ecology and environmental protection" (preparation of masters). In 2014-2015, we successfully passed the re-accreditations for the educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master, which is reflected in the accreditation certificates and licenses.
About 2015 Adjuncture for scientific specialty 21.06.01 ecological safety (technical sciences) operates at the department.



Department staff: 

     The Department of Environmental Safety is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Colonel of the Civil Protection Service Volodymyr Balaniuk.
      There are 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 4 lecturers at the department.

Research and teaching staff: 


Head of the Department

Balanyuk Volodymyr Mirchovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences 


Professor of the department

Popovych Vasyl Vasylovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences 

Associate Professor of the Department

Grinchyshyn Natalia Mykolayivna

Associate Professor of the Department

Sisa Leonid Volodymyrovych

Candidate of Chemical Sciences

Lecturer at the Department

Shuplat Taras Igorovich

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Associate Professor of the Department

Khromyak Ulyana Volodymyrivna

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Associate Professor of the Department

Stepova Kateryna  Biktorivna

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Senior lecturer of the department

Dumas Irina Zinovievna

Candidate of Geographical Sciences

Lecturer at the Department

Kochmar Iryna Mykolayivna

Lecturer at the Department

Gotsiy Natalia Danylivna

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Lecturer at the Department

Bosak Pavlo Volodymyrovych

Major of the Civil Protection  


Adjunct at the Department

Korol Kateryna Anatoliyivna

Captain of the Civil Protection  

Adjunct at the Department

Skyba Tatiana Konstantinovna

Senior Lieutenant Civil Protection 

Adjunct at the Department

Konanets Roman Mykolayovych

Lieutenant colonel of Civil Protection 



Courses are taught at the department: 

Introduction to the Profession
Geology with Bases of Geomorphology
General Ecology
Bioorganic Chemistry
Meteorology and Climatology
Physico-Chemical Processes in the Environment
Surface Phenomena and Disperse Systems in the Environment
Reserve Business
Environmental Monitoring
Soil Science
Landscape Ecology
Environmental Safety
Rationing Anthropogenic Load on the Environment
Human Ecology
Modelling and Predicting the Environment
Environmental Economics
Rehabilitation of Contaminated Areas
Fundamentals of Environmental Toxicology
Engineering Ecology
New Processes and Environmental Protection
Urban Systems Ecology
Technical Ecology
Recycling and Waste Recuperation of Special Chemistry
Fundamentals of Statistical Ecology
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Inspections
Company Management in Environmental Activities
Environmental Management and Audit
Environmental Standardization and Certification
Environmental Biotechnology
Management and Waste Management
Protection of Groundwater
Ecological and Landscape Mapping
Rational Usage of Water Resources
Sustainable Development Strategy
Prospective Processes in Environmental Protection
Transport Ecology
Radiation Safety
Environmental and Man-made Safety
Dangerous of Natural Processes
Environmental Monitoring
Industrial Ecology
Environmental Schemes of traffic
The Dangers of Chemical, Biological and radiological Origin
Storage,Delivering and Disposal of Special Chemical Products

Scientific-methodical work of the department: 

    The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department is working on the publication of textbooks, manuals and methodological literature to ensure the educational process. A number of textbooks and manuals were published by the department's staff:
  • Grinchishin N.M. Human ecology. Workshop: Teaching tool. / N.M. Grinchishin. - Lviv: LSU BDZ, 2018 - 91 p.
  • Survival in an Autonomous Life: Educ. tool. / I.M.Ozarkov, I.A.Sokolovsky, N.G.Adamovsky, E.P.Kuninets, O.I. Derekh, G.V. Somar, Y.V. Knish, B.M. Peretyatko. - Lviv: ZUCC, 2015. - 128 p.
  • Borschishin I.D. Analytical Chemistry and Methods for Analyzing Environmental Parameters [Text]: workshop for a seminar. occupation: teaching tool. for students. ecology. spec. higher. teach. closed / I.D. Borschishin, M.F. Yurim. - L.Spom, 2012. - 135 p.
  • Yurim M.F. Meteorology and Climatology: a textbook. / M.F. Yurim. - Lviv: LSU LS, 2011. - 104 p.
  • Yurim M.F. Hydrology: a textbook / M.F. Yurym, A.V. Sibirny. - Lviv: LSU LS, 2009. - 176 p.
  • Instruments and methods of environmental monitoring: a textbook. / MF Yurym, AV Sibirnyi, OV Martyniak, NM Grinchyshyn. - Lviv: LSU BDZ, 2009. - 238 p.
  • Grinchyshyn N.M. Nature conservation case: textbook / N.M. Grinchishin. - Lviv: LSU LS, 2008. - 226 p.
  • Snitinskiy V.V. Soil science with the basics of agrochemistry and geobotany: study. manual - publisher 2, [revised and supplemented] / В.В. Snitinskiy, V.F. Yakobenchuk. - Lviv: Avers Publishing House, 2006. - 312 p


Material-technical base: 

     Restoration of ecological equilibrium caused by emergencies is impossible without a qualitative assessment of their impact on the environment, comparative analysis of possible technical solutions for the restoration of contaminated sites and determining the degree of achievement of the target criteria in the rehabilitation process. These practical directions of realization of ecological safety are the subject of scientific researches of the laboratory.
   The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments of physicochemical methods of analysis of environmental parameters, which allow monitoring of territories and objects, which were exposed to emergency situations and man-made accidents. In July 2014, the Environmental Safety Laboratory was certified for measurement (Certificate of Attestation No. RL 097/14 of 28.07.2014).
     The laboratory is actively used for practical and professional training of environmental specialists. The laboratory examines the real experience of managing emergencies in Ukraine and foreign countries in order to analyze errors and identify the most effective actions and means of ensuring environmental safety.

Areas of research: 

The research directions of the department cover all three segments of modern ecology, namely bioecology, geoecology and technoecology:

  •  “Bioindication and biological methods of rehabilitation of contaminated territories” (Prof. Stoyko S.M., Roguly A.S., Melnyk O.S.).
  •  “Use of industrial waste in environmental technologies” (Petrova M.A., Stepova K.V., Khromyak V.V.).
  • “Soil, surface and groundwater contamination” (Assoc. Prof. Karabin V.V., Assoc. Prof. Grinchyshyn N.M.).

Science students and cadets: 


The department has a scientific society of cadets and students whose members are involved in research work, participate in conferences, scientific seminars.
            National competitions. Students and students of the department participate annually in the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific works in the field of ecology. In March 2016, cadet Christina Prishchepa presented the work "Phytotonotoxic hydrocarbons in the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works on natural, technical and human sciences in the field of knowledge" Ecology and ecological safety "at the Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk white »(the head of Grinchyshyn N.M.) and received 3 place among 136 works from 67 higher educational establishments of Ukraine. In previous years at the All-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific works cadets Yulia Rak (head Karabin V.V.), Ivanets Khristina, Irina Palchuk (head Grinchishin N.M.) presented their works.
  In 2018, students and students of the Department of Environmental Safety participated in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in environmental disciplines and competitions of scientific works, namely:

1. Competition in Poltava, II round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works on the field of knowledge "Ecology". Poltava Y.Kondratyuk National Technical U-Theta (D. Goncharenko);

2. Competition of scientific works on a specialty "Technology of environmental protection", Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Kozak M.);

3. Contest of scientific works on a specialty "Technogenic safety", LSU LS (Chulak R.);

4. Participation in the 3rd round of the competition 2017/18 of the Tomorrow.UA scholarship program, Kyiv, Taras Shevchenko Institute of Postgraduate Education (S. Poroshenko);

5. Second round of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on "General Ecology", OU of bioresources and nature management (Poroshenko S., Ablametova Y., Brynetbka S.);

6. Round II of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Environmental Economics, Lviv National Agrarian University (Zayets Yu, Musiy K.);

7. Round II of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Environmental Safety Kremenchuk National University M. Ostrogradsky (Goncharenko Y.).



       International competitions

Starting from 2012, cadets and ecological students of 3-5 courses take part in the prestigious international competition "Scientific Debut. Sustainable Development ”under the auspices of President Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament 2009-2012. In 2012, out of 200 scientific papers submitted for the competition, 20 were selected from Ukraine, and 5 of them belonged to cadets-ecologists of LSUBZhD (supervisors: VV Karabin, MA Petrova, K.V. Stepova). In March 2013, 12 of the best students from Ukraine were invited to an international scientific conference in Warsaw (Poland). The organizer of the competition Jerzy Buzek noted the high level of work presented by cadets-ecologists.
         In 2014-2015, the Department of Environmental Safety at the competition "Scientific Debut. Sustainable Development ”was represented by students Zemlyakova Valery, Ben Oksana (Head Petrov MA), cadets Boychuk Khristina (Head Grinchishin NM), Snail Ulyana (Head Karabin VV), Natalia Tour (Head Stepova K.V. .).
       Scientific-pedagogical workers carry out scientific researches with pupils of schools of Lviv region within the framework of vocational guidance. In 2012, a student of the village. Ivano-Frankivsk, under the guidance of the department's employees, performed the work "Determination of the degree of air pollution in the village. Ivano-Frankivs of Yavoriv district of Lviv region ».

     У жовтні 2012 року курсанти кафедри взяли участь у конференції студентів, аспірантів та молодих вчених „Молодь у вирішення екологічних проблем сьогодення” (м. Кам’янець-Подільський) та отримали нагороди за високий рівень представлених робіт.
In December 2017, teachers of the Department of Environmental Safety Kochmar IM and Dumas IS conducted practical training with students and third-year cadets at treatment facilities in Lviv. 

Cultural events, entertainment: 

     The teaching staff of the department are the curators of the study groups. The work of the curators is aimed at comprehensive development of the personality of the young generation. Students and students have the opportunity to have a fun time, and because of this the educational goal is aimed at cultural, artistic, national, physical, intellectual and spiritual enrichment of the young generation of students and students. For this purpose, the curators organize trips to theaters, cinemas, museums, exhibitions of contemporary and classical art, conduct excursions to the sights of Lviv, visit scientific institutions. In particular, in May 2016, on the basis of the regional landscaping park “Demolition”, an ecological-educational campaign “ECOQUEST” was held aimed at developing the environmental awareness of young citizens. In December 2017, a presentation of the WWF Fund at the University was held.
       In October 2018 the senior lecturer of the department Dumas IZ together with their group EK-31 made a study trip to the Skole Beskids National Nature Park. The road to the Powder Range was amazing and inspiring and fascinating. Mysterious fogs and snow !!!

In October 2018, a study tour was conducted as part of the study of the subject "Meteorology and Climatology" at the Roztok Landscape Geophysical Hospital. EC-21 students and cadets together with curator Bosak PV and senior lecturer of the department Dumas IZ were able to get acquainted with the principles of meteorological stationary playground, to study the operation of the most common devices (barometers, psychrometers, actinometers, opadometers, thermometers dry and wet, pluviographs and pluviometers, rhumbometers, etc.).


Scientific research work: 

     The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department are working on the scientific substantiation of new methods, means and approaches to the fulfillment of tasks related to civil protection of the population and territories from natural and man-made emergencies. Among the priority areas of activity of the department is the development of methods for the rehabilitation of ecosystems that have been contaminated due to emergencies; mathematical modeling of the processes of incoming, migration and transformation of pollutants in soil, surface and groundwater; ensuring sustainable functioning of urban systems in conditions of man-made pollution.
   In 2014, the implementation of the research topic "Ecological safety of the hydrolytosphere in the coal-mining sections of the Lviv-Volyn coal basin" was started (scientific adviser, associate professor V. Karabin).
  In 2013-2014, Associate Professor Petrova MA participated in the implementation of the project of the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center "Reduction of the amount of radioactive waste generated as a result of the Fukushima-Daichi accident" (project STCU 5952).
Scientific conferences
  During November 4-6, 2015, the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY AS THE BASIS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOCIETY” was held at the Lviv State University of Life Safety. EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE AND PROSPECTS. The participants of the international conference successfully participated in plenary sessions and meetings of six sections. Representatives from nine countries, from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Iraq, Jordan, Armenia, England, Czech Republic, Moldova, participated in the conference. At the final plenary meeting Professor Alan Flowers (Kingston University, UK) summarized the main results of the plenary and section meetings and thanked the organizers of the conference, namely Lviv State University of Life Safety, Lviv Regional State Administration, Lviv Regional State Administration Foundations of the European Center for Ecology, International Charitable Organization Ecology-Right-Man, Polish-Ukra the Chamber of Commerce. Vasily Karabin, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, expressed gratitude to the sponsors of the conference: Club Project Auto Show, Ex Im Ukraine, Lviv City Non-Governmental Organization "Business Development Assistance Center", Restaurant "Robert Doms", TM "Vienna Coffee" The sprouts of life. " The conference featured presentations of electric vehicles, eco-friendly food and other exciting activities. As a result of the event, the Materials of the II International Scientific-Practical Conference “Ecological Security as a Basis for Sustainable Development of Society” were published. European Experience and Perspectives ”, which contains 191 papers.
  III International Scientific-Practical Conference “Ecological Security as a Basis for Sustainable Development of Society. European Experience and Prospects ”is scheduled for 2018.

In 2012, at the initiative of the Department, the 1st International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ecological Security as a Basis for Sustainable Development of Society" was organized and held. More than 80 scientists from different regions of Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Great Britain, USA and Kazakhstan participated in the conference. Conference materials are available here.
   In 2010, the efforts of the department's staff held a conference "Environmental Safety and Environmental Quality", which was attended by more than 50 scientists from Ukraine and Poland.

Dissertation research
      Lekturer of the department Rogulya A.S. carries out the dissertation "Biology and migration of rowan birds of the family Sylviidae (genera Sylvia, Phylloscopus) in the West of Ukraine" (Head Prof. Tsarik Y.V. (LNU. I. Frank)). Teacher of the department Misyak R.I. carries out the dissertation research "Shrub shrubs of park phytocenoses of the green zone of the city of Lviv" under the direction of prof. Kucheryavoy V.P.

Main publications of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department
The scientific achievements of the department employees are reflected in numerous scientific publications that can be viewed in the University repository. Among them are the monographs:
  • Stoyko S.M. Forests of Uzhgorod Region: Optimization and Conservation / S.M. Stoyko, I.V. Bones. - Uzhgorod: Patent, 2015. - 134 p.
  • Stoyko S.M. Historical and ethno-cultural sketch of Transcarpathian village Krychova / S.M. Hold on. Lviv, 2014. -148 p.
  • Protected areas of Lviv region. Stoyko S.M, [and others]; for headline Stoyka S.M. - Lviv: ZUKTS, 2013. -128 p.
  • Stoyko S.M. Centuries of establishment of forest reserves in the Ukrainian Carpathians / S.M. Stoyko, V.O. Kopach. - Lviv: Liga Press, 2013. - 60 p.

Information for entrants: 

The Department of Environmental Safety prepares specialists of educational and qualification levels: Bachelor, Specialist and Master
Forms of study: full-time, part-time
 At the Lviv State University of Life Sciences, both cadets and students acquire the profession of ecologist.
 The educational process is ensured by:
- training laboratories;
- Library with free internet access (Wi-Fi);
- numerous electronic resources;
- modern gym, gym and stadium;
- hostel.

    All full-time students have the opportunity to simultaneously study at the military department and obtain the rank of junior lieutenant of the reserve, which opens new employment opportunities in the power structures of the state.

       The best students and cadets participate in international scientific-practical conferences, and annually win prizes in scientific competitions.
        LSU LS is a member of the European Fire Service Colleges Association (EFSCA) Association of Higher Education Institutions of the European Union.

If you plan to work
in structures

Of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the following positions:
· State environmental and technogenic safety inspector;
· Leading specialist of the department;
· PRZ engineer;
State Environmental Inspectorate in the post:
· State Inspector of Environmental Protection;
State Department of Ecology and Natural Resources in the post:
· Leading (chief) specialist of the department;
 other prestigious positions in the structures of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ministry of Revenue and Charges of Ukraine, the Environmental Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Agrarian Industry of Ukraine, regional and city state administrations, educational institutions, reserves, national parks;
 in the departments of ecology and labor protection of industrial enterprises;
 research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other organizations in Ukraine and abroad,

Department of Environmental Safety of LSU LS

Admission rules
Admission of students to the university in educational and professional programs of bachelor's training is carried out at the competition on the basis of the results of external independent assessment (EIT) in the following subjects:
·           Ukrainian language and literature;
·           History of Ukraine;
· Biology or geography.
There are no additional exams or interviews for applicants in the student cohort.
Candidates for the training on the state order (candidates for cadets), additionally pass the examination on physical training, undergo medical examination by the Military Medical Commission and psychological and professional selection.
Individuals who enter the training at the expense of individuals and legal entities, apply for participation in the competitive selection in paper or electronic form.
    Enrollment is based on competitive selection. The order for enrollment in full-time study is issued no later than 25 August .​

Contact information:

Our address: 35, Kleparivska St., Lviv

Our telephones:

теl. (032) 233-32-40 – man on duty in University

теl./fax (032) 233-00-88 – office

Our e-mail:

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