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The graduation of specialists was held in higher professional vocational school of LSU LS

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​On March 6 the celebration on the occasion of the sixth graduation was held in  higher professional vocational school of  Lviv State University of Life Safety. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine joined  101  specialists of fire and rescue work.
Oleksandr Yevsyukov, director of Personnel  Department  of SES  of Ukraine, addressed the graduates with adjusting word. He stressed that the professionalism and courage must  be the constant companion to daily work in difficult rescue service "101".  He also thanked the parents for the upbringing of graduates and for help in choosing their career.
Eight graduates who graduated from college with excellent marks and received honors diploma were awarded with nominal watches of SES of Ukraine.
Yuriy Pavlyuk, Vice-Rector for HR management of Lviv State University of Life Safety, emphasized that the acquired knowledge became only the foundation and confident start for professional development.  He also urged to keep up with the times, go the extra mile, learn new skills while studying at Lviv State University of Life Safety.
Mykola Hovorushchak, head of the College - Vice-Rector of Lviv State University of Life Safety, noted good progress in training of graduates, "Over 60% of graduates completed training as " excellent " and  "good." We hope that by working in agencies and departments of civil defense, you will   perform   duties insistently  and faithfully.
Music programme which was prepared by the amateur talent group of college added festivity. The culmination of graduation celebration was the most moving event – farewell to the Flag of the educational institution and marching in review.
Translated by Kate Vykhopen



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