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Cadets of the University together with Lviv rescuers eliminated the fire in the parking lot

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On March 11 at 03.23 a.m. the outside call about the fire in the car Opel Vivaro in Lviv, thePasichna str.,84, was received. Regular patrol of the educational fire and rescue department of Lviv State University of Life Safety arrived at the area of emergency situation.
At the moment of ignition the car was in the car parking, owing to which the fire spread to neighboring cars. Two dozens of rescuers eliminated the fire which every minute was growing in strength. Due to professional actions of firefighters at 03.52 a.m. the fire was extinguished and the car Renault Scenic was prevented from destruction. As a result of the accident no one was hurt.
In general, the fire destroyed three cars: Opel Vivaro, Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen T2. Ignition causes and the amount of actual damage are being set.
Translated by Iryna Danchuk

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