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Participants of the panel discussion have described the portrait of the modern hero

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O. A. Kryvopyshyna, the head of the department of applied psychology and pedagogy, Doctor of Psychological Science, has organized the panel discussion called "The Psychology of action: a portrait of the modern hero." The lecturers of the department of applied psychology and pedagogy, humanities and social work, students and cadets with the cpecialization in  "Applied Psychology" of Lviv State University of Life Safety, as well as the lecturers and students of "Lviv Polytechnic" National University with the cpecialization in "Applied Psychology" and "Social work" took part in the meeting.
      Doctor of Psychological Science,  associate professor O.A. Kryvopyshyna ("Category of heroic act in psychology, literature and art"), Ph.D. in Psychology, associate professor O.A. Kutsyi ("Psychological analysis of the actional steps structure") and lecturer O.B. Burak ("Psychological characteristics of the modern hero") delivered their reports. The student Iryna Kulchytska made one of the most interesting reports called "the concept of “action”: psychological features of heroic action."
         A speech of Anastasia Shyroka, who is the lecturer of "Lviv Polytechnic" National University and a candidate of psychological sciences, called  "Neurophysiological features of human behavior in extreme conditions" has caused a lively discussion. Using scientific facts, she showed the relationship of the prefrontal areas with higher cognitive functions of human, besides, she focused attention on contemporary researches concerning the impact of mirror neurons on mass behavior. 
        Masters of psychology O. Salo, H. Sarabun, J. Bezpalko told about their experiences of providing psychological assistance to participants of the Maydan in Kyiv. Olha Shved, the lecturer of "Lviv Polytechnic" National University Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor, shared her emotions and feelings as a mother who supported the son who was at the Maydan. O. M. Sherman, Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, as well as A.Ph. Lozynskyi a senior lecturer, andidate of Historical Sciences, actively discussed the presented reports.
         The participants of the panel discussion concluded that the modern hero in personality structure has the same components as the well-known historical characters starting from ancient times. Such features were identified as the dominant ones of the hero personality: responsibility, empathy for people, a high level of volitional effort and will, in whole,  courage, civic awareness, youthful maximalism as inherent quality of adolescence and as a characteristic feature of adult personality.
         After the panel discussion, a senior lecturer of the department of humanities and social work A.Ph. Lozynskyi arranged an excursion around the University for guests from "Lviv Polytechnic National University.”
                                                                                                                                    Translated by Balabas' Solomia

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