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Through fire and water...

Версія для друку
There is a publication on the pages of newspaper "Bukovyna" about the decisive and professional actions of Ihor Smyk, the University graduate of 2011, the guard commander, senior lieutenant, who in Chernivtsi saved a habitant from the blazing apartment and besides together with rescuers organized evacuation of 20 habitants of the house.
 On watching the news, I saw that one of rescuers had been retelling about an adventure, or, to be more accurate, about his work.  On February 24 at 7.38 a.m.  in 6 Tekstylnykiv str., Chernivtsi fire took place.  The rescuers came to help the girl.  The young man was confident and calm, as if there had not been any danger a minute ago, and a few minutes ago he had not competed for life with insidious fire. By the way, it turned out that the girl is his peer.
-         Neighbors noticed in time that the smoke from goes windows of apartment and called up rescuers.  Upon arrival, we saw that on the balcony of the first floor there was a girl needing our help. We rotated the ladder and saved her. Other inhabitants also were in danger and we evacuated them. In total there were 20 people – said from TV screen the guard commander, senior lieutenant Ihor Smyk.
  Shortly, I was fortunate to personally get acquainted with Ihor.  The first thing I asked him was why he chose this profession? He thought a little and then said:
-         Honestly, I don’t know. In my family no one was a fireman I could follow the example. For some reason I liked it. Possibly because I have the opportunity to help other people when they get into dangerous situations.
  The boy was born in Ternopil region, graduated from Lviv State University of Life Safety, speciality of fire safety. He moved to Chernivtsi on assignment referral. He has been working there for almost three years, during which he repeatedly took part in dangerous rescue operations. Once per shift there were 12 calls. Therefore, the most important thing in his work is endurance and tranquillity. It is important not to get lost on arriving at object, to assess the situation, identify the danger, to properly coordinate the actions of his team as senior lieutenant says.  This is the key to success in work. Thanks to these qualities Ihor and his team did not receive serious injuries.
  Sometimes they have to save people not only from the fire or the car which got into an accident, but also to help release children from the closed apartment or… catch a bat or find grass-snake that crawled into the house.
   In order to always be in proper form, rescues each shift carry out training, hit qualifying standards. There are good grounds for saying - train hard, fight easy. The same as they do. It is necessary to be ready for the most difficult situations. After all, each minute is important for somebody who needs immediate help, that minute might seem like eternity.
   For the ordinary citizen it is scary to enter the burning room. But not for Ihor.  Because, they are prepared for this. During training there were practical exercises. And over the years, fear blunts.
“It may sound trivial, but we have such kind of work. We have to go through fire and water. Fear appears only when you know that someone is in the building and his life depends on you,” confesses the young lifeguard.
They have such a job - to save the lives of others.  For someone - it is feat, but for them - daily working routine. To be on guard constantly and at the first signal - go to the new callout. The sooner they come, the bigger chance that a dangerous adventure ends happily.
Tetyana Trebyk                     
Newspaper “Bukovyna”, March 10, 2014
Translated by Solomiya Kaminska

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