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A new fire pumper for our University

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A new fire pumper for our University
A new fire pumper for our University

In order to provide SES units with fire and rescue vehicles for the timely and proper implementation of measures related to people rescuing, firefighting and personnel training our University received a new fire pumper АЦ-4-60 (5309) - 505M (on the MAZ chassis)  from the Department of Resource Supply. The main characteristics are as follows:

- Volume of Water Tank – 4000 l.;

- Volume of foam tank 400 l.;

- Appliance crew - 7 persons.;

- 20 high-pressure hoses;

- Diesel engine;

- Axle configuration – 4x4;

- Light Lifting mast;

- Power cutters and a chainsaw;

- Stationary and portable carriage hoses Protex;

- Total weight 19 tons.


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