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Cadets of LSULS received certificates of "Rescue swimmers"

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Cadets of LSULS received certificates of "Rescue swimmers"
Cadets of LSULS received certificates of "Rescue swimmers"

On June 1, 2017 at the rescue station of Navariya-Nova Associate Professors of Department of Fire Tactics and Rescue Operations Vasyl Loik  and Bohdan Shtain together with members of the Central Rescue Diving Service in Lviv region held qualifying certification courses with 26 cadets of the 3-rd year of study According to the curriculum, qualification certification consisted of two parts:

1- theoretical knowledge training;

2 - practicing skills.

The practical phase consisted of five stages:
The first stage - learning the main rescue equipment;
The second phase - learning the main aspects of victims rescuing  using water rescue equipment;
The third stage - swimming at a distance of 100 meters with mixed style, keeping on water surface without hands, without long diving equipment. The fourth stage - rowing at distance of 1000 meters.
The fifth stage - the rescue of the victim using machinery.
After completing the courses the cadets received certificates of "Rescue swimmers".


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