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International conference FESE 2018

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International conference FESE 2018
International conference FESE 2018

The International Conference FESE 2018 (Fire and Environmental Safety Engineering 2018) was held on November 7-8, 2018 at the Lviv State University of Life Safety.
Co-organizers of the conference, the Lviv State University of Life Safety (LSU LS) and the Main School of Fire Service of the Republic of Poland (MSFS), provide a platform to promote quality research in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists and industry.
Scientists and representatives of companies, which manufacture equipment for rescuers, participate in the conference to share experience and best practices. The participants represent leading educational institutions of Ukraine, Poland and Kazakhstan, as well as Ukrainian and Polish enterprises. The main objective of the conference is to discuss various aspects of fire safety and environmental protection science and engineering.
During plenary and poster sessions, participants address issues of fire, industrial and environmental safety, and particularly focus on structure and properties of materials in terms of their fire resistance and environmental impact, simulation of combustion and explosions, virtual simulation of emergency scenarios and emergency rescue operations, main principles of transportation and disposal of hazardous materials, statistical models and methods applicable in the field of fire and environmental safety.
The organizers of the conference have been cooperating successfully for many years. The interaction between the two leading educational institutions of Ukraine and Poland takes place continuously and includes the exchange of experience and joint actions in the development and implementation of fire and environmental safety procedures. Every year, four best cadets of the LSU LS, who are specializing in Fire Safety, study at the MSFS in order to receive joint diplomas. A delegation from the LSU LS participates in annual international rescue exercises FENIX, which are hosted by the MSFS in Warsaw.
Polish manufacturers of fire-fighting systems and equipment, Foamax, DJCHEM CHEMICALS POLAND S.A., and Ślusarstwo presented their latest developments. Particular attention was paid to multi-functional container-type training simulators which are widely used at higher educational institutions specializing in training of rescuers and civil protection specialists. The training simulators are applied at the LSU LS during practical classes with cadets to simulate fires in multi-storey residential buildings.


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