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The Department of vehicle operation and fire-rescue techniques

   The department of “Vehicle operation and fire-rescue equipment” is structural subunit of Institute of Civil Protection in Lviv State University of Life Safety. The Department is issuing the areas of 6.070101 “Transport Technologies” and 6.170203 “Fire Safety” as well as in the fields 7 (8) .07010104 "Organization and regulation of traffic", 7(8).07010102 "Organization of Transportation and Transport Management (by type) ", 7 (8) .17020301 "Fire Safety . " Also, the Department provides teaching of subjects for most areas of training and specialities of the University, including "Material Science and Technology of Materials", "Automobile training", "Fire and rescue equipment", "Engineering and rescue equipment" and so on.
     As for the field of study "Transport Technologies", the department provides a study of subjects such as:
  • Freight transportation
  • Passenger’s transportation
  • Interaction between transport modes
  • The overall rate of transport
  • Information support of road users
  • Logistics
  • Traffic organization

 Besides, there are training courses for drivers of category "B, C" at the department. After completion of study the subject "Automobile training” and passing internal exam, cadets and students are allowed to pass exams in the registration departments traffic police and get the driver's license of the appropriate category.
    Teaching at the department of "Vehicle operation and fire-rescue equipment " is carried by 12 scientific-pedagogical workers , including PhD, professor and 6 candidates of science. The department is headed by The Doctor of Technical Science , Professor Hashchuk P.M.

History of the department: 

Areas of research of the department:
     In 2011, senior teacher Popovych V. V. defended his thesis on the topic " phitomelioration of decaying heaps Lviv-Volyn coal basin " (scientific supervisor - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences , prof. Kucheriavyi V.P.) .
     Deputy Head of the Department Sychevskyi M.I. is working on the thesis research on the topic "Optimizing the combination of modes of engine and fire truck pumping unit" (scientific supervisor – professor of technical science Hashchuk P.M.).
     Associate Professor Vasilieva O.E. is completing her doctoral thesis "Synthesis of multi cylindrical gears with regard to their vibrations under dynamic loads" (scientific supervisor – Prof. Kuzio I. V.) and has published 40 scientific papers in professional journals for thesis material.
     Teacher Dominik A.M. is completing his thesis "Increasing the thermal stability of piecewise homogeneous structures " (scientific supervisor - prof. Semerak M.M.).
     Teacher Prydatko O.V. is writing a thesis on the topic "Design oriented approach in the preparation of modern fire rescuer" (scientific supervisor – candidate of technical science, associate professor Renkas A.H.)
     In September 2013 lecturer Pasnak I.V. defended  successfully his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, speciality 21.06.02 - Fire Safety. The theme of thesis: " Increasing the effectiveness of liquidation of class A and B fires at the industrial enterprises by improving technical means of fire extinguishment" (scientific supervisor – candidate of technical science, associate professor Vasilieva O.E ).
     In October 2013 a senior lecturer Rudenko D.V. defended successfully his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, speciality 21.06.02 - Fire Safety. The theme of thesis: "Justification settings remotely controlled module for use during fire at the objects of high risk"(scientific supervisor – candidate of technical science, associate professor Vasilieva O.E ).

Department staff: 

    The teaching process at the department of fire and rescue equipment is carried out by 10 scientific and pedagogical workers, among them a doctor of sciences, professor and 4 candidates of sciences, associate professors.


Research and teaching staff: 


Head of Department
Gaschuk Petro Nikolaevich

Deputy Head of the Department

Dominic Andriy Mikhailovich

Lieutenant Colonel of Civil Defence


Professor of the department

Yuriy Pavlyuk

Associate Professor of the Department
Podgorodetsky Yaroslav
Associate Professor of the Department
Olenyuk Yuriy


Lecturer of the department

Rudenko Dmytro

Lieutenant Colonel of Civil Defence


Lecturer of the department

Renkas Arthur

Major of Civil Defence

Lecturer of the department


Gavriluk Andriy

Major of Civil Defence

Lecturer of the department

Tovaryansky Volodymyr

Major of Civil Defence

Adjunct of the department

Shvets Mykola

Captain of Civil Defence




Courses are taught at the department: 

Automotive training
Freight transportation
Interaction of modes of transport
Examination of road accident
Car performance
Operation of fire and rescue equipment
General course of transport
Engineering and rescue equipment
Engineering of roads
Information support for road users
Materials Science and Technology
Traffic organization
Organization of control over the transport process
Fundamentals of designing and constructing fire-fighting and rescue equipment
Fundamentals of the theory of transport processes and systems
Fundamentals of technical creativity
Passenger transportation
Firefighting and rescue equipment
Project analysis
Designing of road transport enterprises
Road design
Fire-fighting, engineering and rescue equipment
Special methods of traffic organization
Vehicle Maintenance
Transportation planning of large and large cities
Transport loading and unloading means
Freight forwarding activities
Highway transport and operational properties
Supply chain management

Scientific-methodical work of the department: 

The following manuals were published at the department to ensure the teaching and methodological process:

  • Automotive Training Manual Part 1. Vasilyeva O.E., Sabirov E.G. (MES stamp);
  • "Foam quenching" Kovalyshin V.V., Vasilyeva O.E., Kozyar N.M. (MES stamp);
  • «Engineering and Special Engineering of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine» (MES stamp);
  • Electronic manual with interactive simulators «Working with pumping installations of fire trucks» Renkas A.G., Prydatko O.V. (vulture of the Scientific Council of LSU LS);
  • Manual "Hydraulic and emergency rescue equipment" Rankas A.G., Sychevsky M.I., Prydatok O.V. (vulture of the Scientific Council of LSU LS);
  • Textbook "Materials Science and Technology of Materials" Vasilyeva O.E., Pasnak I.V. (vulture of the Scientific Council of LSU LS);
  • Tutorial "Fundamentals of Fire Extinguishers Operation" Kovalyshyn V.V., Krisa I.Y., Vasilyeva O.E., Kirilov Y.A .(received the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine);
  • Tutorial "Fire trucks. Part 1 »Popovich V.V., Renkas A.G. (vulture of the Scientific Council of LSU LS);
  • Tutorial "Vehicles" N.I. Sychevskiy, A.G. Renkas, O.V. Prydatko
    During the current academic year, two textbooks authored by the Department's teachers received corresponding marks of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine:
  • Tutorial "Materials Technology" Vasilyeva O.E., Pasnak I.V. (MESF Youth Press, Letter 1 / 11-16833 dated 29.10.12);
  • Tutorial "Road Transport. Fundamentals of construction. Pidhorodetsky Y.I., Sychevsky M.I., Dominik A.M. (MESF Youth Grief, Letter 1 / 11-4364 dated 26.02.13).

Material-technical base: 

     In December 2008 the department created a transport safety laboratory with the efforts of the teachers of the department. It is equipped with state-of-the-art computer, multimedia and interactive hardware with relevant software. In particular, it has six workstations equipped with modern laptop computers and Internet access, Panasonic Elite Panaboard interactive whiteboard, Epson multimedia projector, Panasonic Viera TV, a modern personal computer for the teacher with all the peripherals needed. Smart Senteo Interactive Testing System.
     The audience conducts seminars, practicals and lectures with cadets and students studying in the field of preparation 6.070101 "Transport technologies" and practical classes with students and cadets of other areas of preparation. The audience learns disciplines related to the organization and traffic safety. In addition, after completing the study of the subject "Automotive preparation" and passing the internal exam, cadets and students are allowed to sit the exam in the registration units of GAI and receive a driver's license of categories "B" and "C". That is why one of the main sections studied in road preparation is the "Traffic Rules".
     In December 2010, the department completed the creation of a modern multimedia lecture hall, which uses the latest educational technologies, including the interactive Smart Sympodium tablet and provides wireless Internet access.
     In August 2011, the department completed the establishment of a laboratory for the construction and operation of road transport, which is equipped with full-scale models of units and units of modern automotive technology and universal stands. An interactive whiteboard and multimedia projector are provided to reproduce information and perform interactive laboratory work.
    In 2013, the department completed the creation of a laboratory of fire and rescue equipment. It is equipped with the latest models of fire and rescue equipment, there are full-scale models of fire fighting equipment and units of fire trucks. To visualize the information, a multimedia projector is installed in the laboratory, which allows demonstration of the principle and simulation of the work of fire and rescue equipment and equipment using interactive training systems.

Areas of research: 

  In 2011, Art. teacher Popovich V.V. He defended his PhD. thesis on "Phytomelioration of decaying waste heaps of the Lviv-Volyn coal basin" (Head - DSc, Prof. VP Kucheriavy).
      Deputy Head of the Department Sychevsky M.I. is working on a dissertation research on the theme: "Optimization of the combination of modes of operation of the engine and pumping installation of a fire truck" (Head - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Gaschuk P.M.)
    Associate Professor Vasilyeva O.E. completes work on doctoral dissertation "Multiparameter synthesis of cylindrical gears of reducers taking into account their vibrations under the influence of dynamic loads" (scientific consultant - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Kuzio I.V.) and published 40 scientific papers in professional editions materials of the dissertation.
   Lekturer Rudenko D.V. has completed work on the dissertation research "Substantiation of development of remote controlled fire fighting equipment for potentially dangerous objects".
      Lekturer Dominic A.M. completes the work on the candidate's thesis "Increasing the heat resistance of piecewise homogeneous structures" (Head - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Semerak MM).
        Lekturer Prydatak O.V. working on a Ph.D. thesis on "Project-oriented approach in the preparation of a modern firefighter-rescuer" (Head - Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Renkas AG)
     Lekturer Pasnak I.V. has completed work on the dissertation research "Increase of efficiency of elimination of fires of class A and B at industrial enterprises" (the head - the candidate of technical science, associate professor Vasilyeva O.E.).

Science students and cadets: 

     The Scientific Society of CART cadets is working fruitfully, in which Tsaruk T.V., Kushnir M.V., Uglar Y..V.. and other. With the participation of cadets and students, the development and further patenting of fire extinguishing equipment, ways of estimating traffic parameters, etc. are carried out. Full-scale models are being developed, including automotive units, which are then used in the learning process. Under the guidance of the teaching staff, members of the scientific society take an active part in competitions for scientific papers, conferences, symposia.

Cultural events, entertainment: 

   In order to promote healthy lifestyles, get acquainted with the prominent places of the city of Lviv, and the national cultural heritage, the teachers of the department - curators of the assigned groups constantly make excursions and trips to the theaters, museums, art galleries, visit the sights of the city of Lviv. There are also trips to football matches of the Ukrainian championship and games of the national football team of Ukraine. The curators, along with their assigned groups, make trips to the picturesque Carpathians.


Scientific research work: 


Among the scientific problems that are solved by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department, the following are the leading ones:

- introduction of innovative training tools based on interactive training systems and automated testing system Smart Senteo;


- development and implementation of remote-controlled fire extinguishing systems;

- development of effective means of supplying extinguishing agents to the fire center;
- study of the classification of vehicles in the SES units of Ukraine;
- application of fire and adapted equipment for extinguishing forest fires;
- prevention of processes of spontaneous combustion of coal mine dumps;
- study of temperature stresses in structural elements.
    The staff of the department in 2012 participated in international scientific-practical conferences, symposia, meetings, in particular in:
- International scientific and technical conference "Dynamics, reliability and durability of mechanical and biomechanical systems and structural elements", Sevastopol-2012;
- IV Scientific and Practical Conference "Theory and Practice of Fire Extinguishing and Emergency Management", Cherkasy;
- International Scientific and Technical Conference "Problems of quality and durability of gearings of gear units, their parts and components", Kharkiv-2012;
- 10th International Symposium of Ukrainian Mechanical Engineers in Lviv, 2012;
- VI International Specialized Exhibition POZHTECH-2012;
- International scientific-practical conference "Information and communication technologies in modern education: experience, problems, perspectives".
    In 2012 the department received one patent of Ukraine for invention (Pasnak I.V., Vasilyeva O.E.) and three patents of Ukraine for utility model.

Information for entrants: 


The department prepares specialists of the direction "Transport technologies", whose professional activity consists in the development, improvement and implementation of effective schemes for the organization of road traffic with the use of modern technical means of traffic organization and elements of automated traffic management system, as well as components of the technological process of passenger passenger transportation. transportation. Trained professionals can successfully design (improve) traffic management schemes and technological processes of road transportation on urban, long-distance and international routes.
      The program of training in the specialty "Transport Technologies" provides training of specialists for work in the following branch offices:
SES of Ukraine;
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
State Customs Service of Ukraine;
Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
     The main positions that a graduate can work in:
Inspector of the Road Safety Service of the Ministry of Emergencies in Ukraine;
Inspector of State Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
Inspector of occupational safety and health of the road transport enterprise;
Transportation engineer;
Traffic Safety Engineer;
Road Transport Auditor;
Freight forwarder;
Engineer of information-computing center of motor transport enterprise;
Transportation Service Manager;
Road Transport Manager;
Transportation order agent and more.
     After receiving the Bachelor's Degree in Transportation Technology, our students have the opportunity to continue their studies and obtain a Master's degree in the following specialties:
"Organization and regulation of traffic"
«Organization of transportation and management on transport»
"Project management"
     During the second year, our students receive FREE training and additionally receive a working profession "Driver of a vehicle" and a license of the driver of the category "ВC"
       All third- and fourth-year full-time students have the opportunity to pursue a second higher education at the DEPARTMENT OF PARLIAMENT and to receive the rank of junior reserve lieutenant upon completion of their studies.
     Students are trained in fire and rescue units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, in the Lviv State Automobile Inspectorate of Traffic Police, at motor transport enterprises of Ukraine, as well as abroad, in particular in the Republic of Poland.

     Certificate Competition Subjects:
Ukrainian language and literature
Mathematics (profile)
Physics or Foreign Language (optional)

     Form of study: DAY AND EXTRAORDINARY

     Contact telephones: (032) 233-05-05; (067) 926-74-85



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