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Department of Technical Translation


 Department of Technical Translation (TT) temporally has two joint departments: serving (foreign languages) and graduating (technical translation).
The departments of TT are involved in pedagogical, methodical, scientific, research, educational and organizational activities. Teachers work on creating of a set of educational materials (programs, work programs, methodical tips and practical exercises for self-study, training manuals, textbooks, dictionaries, etc.).
     The teaching staff of the department teaches foreign languages to students and cadets in the following training areas: fire safety, environmental ecology and balanced nature management, information security management, practical psychology, transportation technology, occupational safety, civil defence, translation.
The aim of teaching a foreign language is to know language on professional, everyday and cultural levels. The main practical task of training is acquiring by cadets, students and listeners of communication skills in all four major types of speech activity with prevalence of speaking and reading.

History of the department: 

   The Department of Technical Translation was established in April 2008.
In April 2012, the department received the permission to prepare bachelors in the specialty 6.020303 "Philology". Graduates will obtain the qualification "Translator" (English-Ukrainian translation, German-Ukrainian translation, French-Ukrainian translation, Polish-Ukrainian translation).
     The first admission of students (English-Ukrainian translation) began to study in September 2012. The second admission of students (English-Ukrainian translation) began to study in September 2013In September 2017, in addition to the English-Ukrainian translation, the students will be also admitted on the French-Ukrainian and German-Ukrainian translations.


Research and teaching staff: 



Head of Department


Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor

Deputy Head of Department


Senior Lecture

Professor of the Department


Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor


Associate Professor of the Department


Сandidate of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor

Associate Professor of the Department


Сandidate of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer of the Department




Lecturer of the Department



Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department




Lecturer of the Department



Lecturer of the Department



Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department


Lecturer of the Department


Courses are taught at the department: 

Foreign Language, Professional Foreign Language, Latin, Business Foreign Language, Foreign Language of Scientific Communication, Introduction to Linguistics, History of Foreign Literature, Computer Lexicography, Theoretical Basics of Distance Learning,
Contrastive Lexicology of the Main Foreign and Ukrainian Languages, Contrastive Grammar of the Main Foreign and Ukrainian Languages, Practical Course of Foreign Language, Practical Course of the Second Foreign Language,
Military and Scientific Technical Translation, Fundamentals of Terminology, History of Translation, Fundamentals of the Theory of Intercultural Communication, Theoretical Phonetics of the Main Language
Linguistic Studies of the Countries of the Main Foreign Language, Introduction to Translation Studies.

Scientific-methodical work of the department: 

The scientific and methodological experience of the Department was studied by 

-  In 2012: Associate Professors Y. Zavgorodnev (Ivan Franko Lviv National University ), L. Bordyuk ( Lviv PolytechnicNational University ), senior lecturers O. Musiyovs'ka (Ukrainian Academy of Printing),  N. Dyachuk, I. Shapovalova, A. Samotheya (Lviv Polytechnic National University), Gvozdetsky (Lviv Branch of the European University), M. Ishchuk, V. Goltvyan (Lviv Polytechnic National University).
-  In 2013 - Associate Professor G. Kost (Ivan Franko Lviv National University ), I. Voloshina (East Ukrainian National University named after Lesya Ukrainka);
 -  In 2014 - Assistant Professor G. Pristay (Ivan Franko Drohobych State University), assistants M. Haiduk, M. Denisyuk, Z. Levyk (Lviv PolytechnicNational University).
    The teachers of our Department improved their practice at Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Hetman Petro Sagaidachny National Army  Academy, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs and other universities.
    Senior Lecturer of the Department Iryna Popko participated in the Internship at the International French Language and Pedagogy Courses in Rochefort, French Republic, within the framework of the program "Teaching French for Law Enforcement and Civil Protection in the 2015-2016 academic year".

Material-technical base: 

The Head of Department and the teaching stuff are provided with separate offices equipped with proper workplaces and the necessary technical base (computers, printers, scanners, multimedia projectors).

Classes with cadets, students and postgraduate students (adjuncts) are held in specialized classrooms with the possibility of ICT using (Laboratory of Distance Learning; Laboratory of Combined Learning).

Areas of research: 


The Department of TT closely cooperates with the departments of other higher educational establishments in Ukraine and abroad. Among them Ivan Franko Lviv National University, (namely, the Department of Translation Studies and Contractual Linguistics named after Grigory Kochur (Head of the Department - Prof. R. Zorivchak)), V. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Department of Theory and Practice of English Language Translation at the Faculty of Foreign Languages (head of the Department – Prof. O.Rebriy), National Aviation University (Department of English Philology and Translation (head of the Department–  Doctor S. Sydorenko), Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Applied Linguistics (Head of the Department – Associate Professor A. Levchenko).

Representatives of the Department exchange experience with the staff of the British Council, the French Center, the Goethe Institute and the related departments of the Lviv Commercial Academy, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy, the Wein State University (USA), the Main Fire School in Warsaw Poland, B. Markevich Higher Economic Technical School (Yaroslav, Poland) and others.

Science students and cadets: 

    The scientific community of students and cadets successfully works under the guidance of the Department lecturers. Monitors of the assigned groups and teachers conduct educational work, sightseeing tours to museums and memorable places, reviews of performances in theaters of the city. Students and cadets take an active part in diverse educational and educational activities.
Graduating cadets and students of the University have practical trainings in Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), France (Metz).
     Since June 2010, the department has organized preparation and defense of master's papers in French, English and German.

Cultural events, entertainment: 

On April 5, 2014,  the winners of the X Contest of Translators among the senior pupils ‘European Lviv’ were awarded. The ceremony took place on the basis of the Lviv State University of Life Safety. The competition is held annually by the translation company Linguistic Center together with the Department of Translation and Contrastive Linguistics named after Hryhoriy Kochur (Ivan Franko Lviv National University) and the Department of Technical Translation ( Lviv State University of Life Safety).



Scientific research work: 


Since the Department was found (2008), the staff of the department has been replenished with two doctors of sciences (Tyshchenko O.V. and Shunevych B.I.), nine candidates of sciences (Vovchasta N.Ya., Didukh L.I., Demyanchuk Yu.I., Drobit I.M., Onyshchuk M.I., Pastuushuk H.O., Palchevska O.S., Rak N.V. and Trachenko O.M.). In addition, five teachers conduct scientific research (Popko IA, Benkevich G.A, Demydiak I.R., Dovbush O.R., Koval S.R, Omelchenko N.A.). Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor Andreychuk N.I., Associate Professor Voytyuk S.M. and director of the translation agency Linguistic Center® Struk T.V. work part-time at the Department.

The Department staff is working on the multilingual terminology dictionaries in the field of emergencies, transport technologies, psychology. The scientific work of the Department staff is dedicated to the actual problems of studying foreign languages in higher educational institutions of the SES of Ukraine.

The Department developed 17 distance English, German and French courses for cadets and students of the first, second, fifth year of study and adjuncts, as well as 14 DC for specialty "Philology".

Lecturers of the Department take part in international, Ukrainian, inter-university and university conferences and seminars. In cooperation with other domestic and foreign educational institutions the 4-th and the 5-th international scientific-practical conferences "Linguistic Problems and Innovative Approaches to Teaching Foreign Languages in Higher Educational Institutions " were held on the basis of LSULS (October 2010 and April 2012 respectively), as well as the 3-rd International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ethno, Language and Culture: Past, Present, Future ( May 2016 (Lviv-Lublin).

Annually, lecturers of the department conduct olympiads for better knowledge of foreign languages. Under the guidance of lecturers, cadets and students take part in university scientific and practical conferences on humanitarian issues (in their native language), as well as inter-university conferences (in foreign languages), which are annually held at the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs.

     On the basis of the department the seminars "Theory and practice of literary and military translation", and "Scientific seminar for foreign language teachers of Ukrainian educational institutions"  are held.


Information for entrants: 



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