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The Institute of Postgraduate Education

    Institute of Postgraduate Education was established in Lviv State University of Life Safety in February 2014. The main aim of the Institute is postgraduate education of the SES personnel. Institute of Postgraduate Education is now a key element in the system of lifelong learning at the university. The system of continuous updating of knowledge, updating of information, improvement of skills were named as "lifelong education", so the main activities of the Institute of Postgraduate Education are the implementation of the strategy of postgraduate education based on international standards, modern educational technology, innovative teaching ideas, advanced pedagogical experience; providing proactive nature of training to civil defense units and management of the professional emergency services in accordance with public demands; mobility, rapid response to changes in society and technology; effective training of personnel services at all levels.
   The Institute is housed in the main building of the University buildings and is equipped with multimedia lecture hall, specialized classrooms, laboratory simulators of modern fire protection systems.


The main structural units of the Institute are:

  • Department of Emergencies Consequences Liquidation;
  • Department of Engineering  and Pyrotechnic Works;
  • Training courses for admission to LSULS
  • Training Poligon;
  • Distance Learning Laboratory

The main activities of of the Institute are:

  • Preparation of the specialists in the specialty 7.17020301 "Fire Safety");
  • advanced training  of the SES personnel;
  • concentration programs for SES personnel;
  • training and extending of the professional knowledge and skills in areas of fire protection on a contract basis;
  • organizing and conducting special training specialists entities that produce (supporting) a license to perform work of fire-fighting;
  • preparing of pupils for for entry into University at special preparation courses;
  • scientific and research activities; 
  • participation in vocational work; 
  • participation in international cooperation of the University.



Lviv, 35, Kleparivska Str.
Tel. (032) 233-14-68

Contact information:

Our address: 35, Kleparivska St., Lviv

Our telephones:

теl. (032) 233-32-40 – man on duty in University

теl./fax (032) 233-00-88 – office

Our e-mail:

[email protected]

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