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Undergraduate study

Lviv State University of Life Safety announces admissions 
to the Pre-University Courses


Dear students!

     We invite graduates of secondary schools, high schools, vocational schools as well as undergraduates to apply for the Pre-University Courses..
      Training courses help students to prepare for the Independent Government Tests,  to operate their knowledge and skills creatively, to assure themselves of the correctness of their future profession choice.
The training is conducted by highly qualified staff of the University. The teachers involved in the learning process have designed guidelines for the tests completion and individual work.
      Courses have two forms of learning – full-time and part-time (correspondence course) as well as distance learning for students from other regions.

Couses Duration:

  • full-time learning - 8 months. (starting in November), and 6 months. (starting in December).
Classes on Saturday - from 9.00 to 15.30;

Suggested subjects:

  • mathematics;
  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • foreign languages ​​(English, German, French).
      Extra points are awarded to graduates of the courses to chose natural mathematical and engineering specialities at Lviv State University of Life Safety in accordance with applicable law. 
To enroll in the course the following documents must be submitted:
  • filled-in application form;
  • current course enrollment;
  • copy of passport (birth certificate);
  • Two color photographs (3x4 cm);
  • two envelopes with stamps.
Documents must be submitted to: Lviv, Kleparivska 35, Faculty of Pre-University Courses and Post-Graduate Education.

Phone: 233-14-68, 067 670 3282.


Contact information:

Our address: 35, Kleparivska St., Lviv

Our telephones:

теl. (032) 233-32-40 – man on duty in University

теl./fax (032) 233-00-88 – office

Our e-mail:

[email protected]

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