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10 years after: warm memories. Meeting of old friends

On June 30, graduates of 2007-2008 came to Lviv State University of Life Safety. 

03.08.2017 12:30
Our representatives participated in EFSCA General Assembly and International Conference "New technologies of volunteers' training"

Representatives from Lviv State University of Life Safety participated in EFSCA General Assembly and International Conference "New technologies of volunteers' training" in Oranienburg (Germany).

06.06.2017 16:33
The final practice session for our graduates

On June 1  graduates of  Lviv State University of Life Safety had an opportunity to pass their final practice session within the educational process at the training complex "EGERIA"...

06.06.2017 13:55
120 pupils from different Lviv schools visited LSULS

On June 1, 2017 the Department of Humanities and Social and Work in cooperation with the NGO "Free Galicia" organized and conducted tour to Lviv State University of Life Safety for 120 children of secondary school.

06.06.2017 13:31
Cadets of LSULS received certificates of "Rescue swimmers"

On June 1, 2017 at the rescue station of Navariya-Nova Associate Professors of Department of Fire Tactics and Rescue Operations Vasyl Loik  and Bohdan Shtain together with members of the Central Rescue Diving Service...

06.06.2017 13:03
Miss LSULS - 2017

On May 31 a contest "Miss LSULS - 2017" took place. 10 charming graces competed in a fair fight for the honorary title.  They demonstrated their own talents and during the parade in evening dresses.

06.06.2017 12:09
Two successful thesis defences at Lviv State University of Life Safety

On May 31 a meeting of the Specialized Scientific Council K35.834.03 (Head of the Council - Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAPS of Ukraine,...

06.06.2017 11:39
Olga Martyn took part in International Forum on security INFOS-2017

On 25-27 May, 2017 International Forum on security INFOS-2017 took place at Bohdan Khmelnytsky ...

06.06.2017 11:24
"Social work deontological ethics and its main principlest. The ideal model of application"

On May 24, 2017 a final in the academic year meeting of interdepartmental scientific and methodological seminar of Educational and Research Institute of...

06.06.2017 11:16
People, who graduated from our institition 50 years ago, met again

People who graduated from  Lviv State University of Life Safety (Lviv Fire-Technical School) in 1967 attended the institution. These people.

06.06.2017 10:59



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