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Demercurization practice in LSULS

These days a practical lesson was held with the 4th year students of "Civil Defense" in
discipline "Protection of the population and territories in peacetime and special period" in the organization and

12.02.2021 12:55
Complex English test  in LSULS

Lviv State University of Life Safety has conducted testing to
determine the level of English language for officers, scientific and pedagogical
employees and cadets of the University.

12.02.2021 12:54
Practical lessons during bad weather: rescuers-to-be practice skills in Rescue Training Center

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, heavy snowfalls and blizzards, cadets of our University have a great chance to practice their skills in Rescue Training Center, which is located in LSULS.

11.02.2021 17:25
 Educational student mobility from Kingston University in  ERASMUS + program framework. Seminar hosted in University.

On February 9, Lviv State University of Life Safety hosted a seminar "Educational mobility of students with Kingston University in the framework of the ERASMUS + program", where cadets and students who study at Kingston University in...

11.02.2021 17:14
Practical classes in  rescue  training center

During this week in the rescue training center a number of classes were held for cadets of the University,
in particular:
• Department of Vehicle Operation, Fire and Rescue Equipment conducted practical

16.12.2020 08:44
University officers  passed  Pearson English Online Placement Test

The second session was held at Lviv State University of Life Safety passing the English language proficiency test (Pearson Online
Placement Test). It was taken by four officers of the University.

20.11.2020 13:33
Medical training at Rescue Training Center of Lviv State University of Life Safety

In the Training center of rescue works practical lessons: «...

13.11.2020 11:10
Practical classes on the basis  of  Lvivteploenerho thermal power plant - 1

On November 10 scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Civil Defense and computer modeling of ecogeophysical processes Andriy Tarnavskyi and Andriy Havrys with third-year cadets majoring in 263 "Civil Security" on the...

11.11.2020 11:58
Practical classes at the training tower in educational and sports complex of the University

In the educational and sports complex of the University practical classes are conducted at 'Fire and rescue training' lessons with cadets from Educational and scientific Institute of Fire and Technogenic Safety.

11.11.2020 11:54
University cadets and students study at Kingston University, London.

Cadets and students of Lviv State University of Life Safety study at Kingston University majors in Ecology Sciences and Cybersecurity. After a two-week observation cadets and students started studying.

19.10.2020 19:05



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