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On the initiative of the department of humanitarian sciences and social work of faculty of the humanities an interuniversity and scientific seminar on "The Armed Forces of Ukraine: Past and Present" was held

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​     Due to the day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine an interuniversity seminar on "The Armed Forces of Ukraine: Past and Present" was held, which took place at Lviv State University of Life Safety on December 6, 2013. As the organizators of that meeting were professor of the  humanities and social work, doctor of Historical Sciences Victor Holubko and associate professor of department, candidate of the Historical Sciences Mykhaylo Nahirnyak. With a welcoming speech the dean of faculty of the humanities professor Bogdan Shunevych appealed to participants of the seminar.
   The first and second year cadets of the Firefighting and Industrial Safety Institute took part in the seminar who are members of cadet and student scientific societies of the history of Ukraine of HD and SW (social work) department of Lviv State University of Life Safety and the students and teachers of the Academy of ground forces named after hetman Sahaidachnyi.
    They discussed issues about the history of development of the Ukrainian army, the structural organization and participation in combat operations of such military units as the Ukrainian Galician Army, UNR Army and Ukrainian Insurgent Army, besides there were analyzed the historical aspects of creation and reforming realities of modern armed forces of Ukraine. Interesting reports accompanied by a multimedia presentation were pronounced by the following cadets of Lviv State University of Life Safety: Dmytro Cherednichenko (FS-21), Yuriy Romanyuk (FS-14) and cadet of the Academy of ground forces named after hetman Sahaidachnyi Yevheniy Chukanov.
    One of the participants of the seminar was collector and local historian Stepan Pakholko who presented a slide show with Ukrainian military insignias (honors) of liberation struggle era of early twenty century.
On the whole, all members and participants received a lot of new information on the history of Ukrainian Armed Forces, on the current state of Ukrainian forces and and took active part in discussion and debate of important issues.
Translated by Solomia Balabas'

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