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A practical lessons for smoke divers аt LSULS

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A practical lessons for smoke divers аt LSULS
A practical lessons for smoke divers аt LSULS

A practical lessons for smoke divers took place at Educational Fire and Rescue Unit.
In general such classes consist of three practical stages.
Initially the smoke divers train putting on and putting off the SCUBA in a certain sequence and actions due to appropriate commands of a leader.
The second stage considers radio communications, the order of the required information transmitting via portable radio stations. The security guard on the post carries out the necessary calculations over the parameters of air in SCUBA devices and informs the leader about the results.
The third stage deals with testing the previous stages in conjunction with the tactical and technical training in the smoky area. According to the scenario an injured person is trapped in the conditions unfit for respiration. Upon arrival the rescue unit conducts exploration and the search for the victim in complete darkness. After the evacuation of the injured person the rescue unit conducts evacuation of an explosive gas cylinder. Only after that localization and liquidation of the fire is made.
Additionally, all smoke divers train working with fixing ropes
Lieutenant Colonel Vasyl Kovalchyk, the Head of Educational Fire and Rescue Unit, noted that such training helped to solidify knowledge and allowed reducing and eliminating of errors in future.


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