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Lviv State University of Life Safety of State Emergency Service provided humanitarian aid for 24th detached mechanized brigade (Yavoriv, Lviv Region).
07.09.2014 19:12
Honoured veteran, the person who truly became live legend of fire and rescue service, retired general Pylyp Desiatnykov together with his wife visited the Lviv State University of Life Safety.
07.09.2014 19:04
Specialists, whose tuition fee was paid by either legal or natural persons, graduated from Lviv State...
08.06.2014 19:41
Associate Professor of the department of Information Security Management, N. Kuhars’ka being a...
08.06.2014 19:28
From 4 to 6 June 2014 at the Institute of...
08.06.2014 19:24
Every spring people in Lviv commemorate Ivan Franko. This year, the Zankovets’ka Theatre dedicated two...
07.06.2014 21:19
An individual overdense heat flow detector for protective clothing of different types was tested at the protective...
07.06.2014 21:12
On June 2, 28 students of the CivilDefenseVocational School...
05.06.2014 21:22
«Study tours to Poland» is a ten-day training program for young people from Eastern Europe...
05.06.2014 21:17
On May, 30 a regular meeting of Interdepartmental Methodological Seminar of the...
05.06.2014 21:10



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