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LSU of LS scientists and cadets...
03.11.2014 17:44
On October 4 Poland experts in antiterrorist arrangements taught business and civil initiatives representatives how to recognize and act in conditions of social security threats. During training seminars in Lviv...
03.11.2014 17:38
Freshmen who meet responsibilities of junior leader (second in commands and squad leaders) were given ranks of junior sergeants by Ivan Movchan who is the...
03.11.2014 17:30
On September, 22 more than 200 cadets and students of Lviv State University of Life Safety joined the charity event known as «Ice Bucket Challenge». 
29.09.2014 17:39
To defend country and its citizens from fires and emergency situations has always been noble path which is chosen only by brave, strong in spirit and selfless people.
29.09.2014 17:30
On September 13,  as part of celebrations on the occasion of oath taking by first-year cadets of Lviv State University of Live safety modern firefighting and rescue vehicles and equipment used by firefighting and...
29.09.2014 17:23
The21st forum of  publisher started working in Lviv, on 11th September. For the first time in the...
29.09.2014 17:12
Dear first-year students!
 This day will become memorable, honorable and particularly crucial for you.
Solemn celebration of taking civil defense oath it's a time of high trust that society expresses to...
29.09.2014 17:00
The theatrical circle members of Lviv State University of Life Safety again accepted the invitation of the publishing house «Calvaria» and took part in the presentation of two books authors.
23.09.2014 19:18



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