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Conference plan


   Scientific conferences held at Lviv State University of Life Safety can be found in detail on the conference website. The following is a list of events that will take place in the near future.

The name of the conference Date of the conference

XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists, Cadets and Students "Problems and Prospects of Life safety " 

VIII All-Ukrainian Conference of Cadets and Students "Mathematics Surrounding Us: Past, Present and Future" 04. 2022
XII All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Problems and prospects of labour protection development" and All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Labour protection: education and practice"  04. 2022
Scientific-practical conference "Socio-psychological and humanitarian dimensions of life safety" 04.2022
VI International Student Scientific and Practical Conference "Social Work: Formation, Prospects, Development" 05.2022
II All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of fire safety and prevention of emergencies in nowadays conditions" 10. 2022
II All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety of the car" 11. 2022
V All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of young scientists, students and cadets "Information technology and information security" 11. 2022

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