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Environmental Laboratory

Head of research laboratory
PETROVSKY Vitaliy Lvovich

The Environmental Laboratory of the Lviv State University of Life Safety assures the safety of water, soil and air. The Laboratory has facilities for scientific and technological research, experiments, and measurement. The facilities are available to trace chemical compounds and pollutants in water, soil and air. In agreement with the client, research results are shared with environmentalists, civil protection service professionals, cadets, graduate and postgraduate students of the university through training courses, conference papers, publications and patents.

In 2014, the Laboratory was authorized by the state agency within the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine to conduct environmental testing. The Laboratory researchers provide reliable and scientifically sound results to the clients. Valid, reproducible, and adequate for the intended purpose technologies and methods are applied in testing. Sample preparation and further analysis are performed in rooms that comply with national and international standards.

Environmental Laboratory testing expertise:

  • CO2 emission calculation and sampling
  • emissions sampling and analysis
  • air pollution testing
  • potable, surface, ground and waste water quality testing
  • contamination identification testing and analysis of industrial and manufacturing systems
  • soil testing for environmental contaminants
  • detection, identification, and quantitation of trace quantities of substances in sample materials
  • on-site monitoring of environmental parameters in places in case of man-made or natural disasters
  • scientific assessments and reviews.


Contact information:

Our address: 35, Kleparivska St., Lviv

Our telephones:

теl. (032) 233-32-40 – man on duty in University

теl./fax (032) 233-00-88 – office

Our e-mail:

[email protected]

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