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Scientific and Technical Council

General provisions

1.1. For the purpose of strategy and directions development of scientific activity of Lviv State University of Life Safety an advisory body was established -  Scientific and Technical Council (hereinafter STC) as provided by the charter, and on the basis of  Art. 38 of the Law of Ukraine on higher education.
1.2. The decisions made by STC are advisory in nature and can be implemented by orders of the Rector or orders of the Vice-Rector for research.
1.3. STC protects the rights and interests of those who are studying or working at higher education institution, particularly concerning scientific activity, support of knowledge-intensive ideas, innovations and an exchange of knowledge.

Goals, objectives and activities of STC

2.1.  Scientific and Technical Council:
- considers and approves drafts of demands, specifications, plans, interim and final reports on the initiative, planning and contractual research work;
- considers and recommends the approval of scientific publications, monographs, methodologies of testing, scientific and technical research etc.
- develops recommendations for improvement of carrying out, organization, planning and coordination of scientific researches; creation of a new and reorganization of an existing infrastructure for scientific research;
- analyzes the database results of search and applied works created by the department of organization of research activity (DORA), makes offers on their introduction in production and educational process;
- considers research results processed by DORA and recommends the estimated results of  departments’ work, academic departments and scientific directions for consideration by the Academic Council of the University;
- develops and improves the distribution mechanism of basic and additional financing;
- discusses current issues of scientific research;

  • recommends the compilation and publication of information and advertising collections (reference books), completed research and development projects, patents, licenses, inventions, directs them to review and practical implementation on commercial terms by the interested organizations, ministries, departments and companies, including foreign companies, subject to the developer's intellectual property rights;
  • examines and makes proposals on necessity of creation of various forms of research realization at the University: science and technology parks, innovation centers, firms, research and development enterprises, small and joint enterprises of scientific and technical character, etc.

 - develops proposals concerning the development of students’ scientific work;
- makes proposals to expand and improve publishing activities;
- implements the orders of the Rector concerning improvement and development of scientific activity at the University.
2.2. Activity of STC is carried out according to the legislation of Ukraine, according to requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the present Statute and other regulations of the University.
2.3 Interested third parties can participate in the work of STC.

The structure and governing bodies of STC

3.1. The STC reports to the Rector, Vice-Rector for research work and operates on a voluntary basis. The STC consists of 31 members from among leading experts of scientific divisions (laboratories, departments) of the University, including the chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and 28 members of the STC.
3.2. The leading specialist of research units (laboratories, departments) of the University are: Professor, Head, Deputy Head responsible for reporting on research activities.

Relationships between STC and other departments

4.1. The STC closely interacts with the department of organization of research activity of the University.
4.2. Members of STC collaborate with:
- departments - to obtain qualified advice on the implementation of applications, specifications, projects, plans, interim and final reports on the initiative, planning and contractual research work;
- scientific, educational and scientific laboratories, various creative collectives of scientific publications, monographs, methodologies of testing, scientific and technical researches and, etc.
4.3 Within its competence STC may enter into relations with other similar associations operating in higher educational institutions of Ukraine regarding borrowing and generalization of positive experience in the field of research, improvement of forms and methods of work.


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