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Laboratory for smart simulation of safe future

Laboratory for smart simulation of safe future aims to conduct fundamental and applied research, elaborate and implement innovative technologies and methods to ensure safety in various spheres of human activities.

The Laboratory provides modelling, simulation and assessment of short- and long-term effectiveness of the new means in the civil protection domain. The Laboratory uses simulation to design safer and more efficient fire and rescue operations. Researchers simulate behavioural models with simulation tools to predict the impact of various factors occurring during emergencies on the effectiveness of emergency response and disaster management.

The Laboratory focuses on the following:

  • elaboration of methods, means and techniques of monitoring, forecasting, and preventing natural and man-made disasters;
  • development of theoretical models of decision making during emergency response;
  • development of project-oriented management methods;
  • integrating information technologies in training courses, programs and systems;
  • theoretical and experimental investigations;
  • engineering and consulting services.

Experts of the Laboratory contributed to several large-scale projects by providing professional assistance.

National sports complex Olympic in Kyiv:

  • design of an action plan, administration and personnel response scenario in case of emergencies;
  • evacuation plan in case of emergencies in the territory of the National sports complex Olympic.

Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv:

  • section engineering and technical measures of civil protection;
  • development of accidents and emergencies elimination plan;
  • identification of industrial hazards.













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