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Department for material and technical support

The logistics department is a structural unit of the University, which deals with the issues of economic activity, development and improvement of the educational and material base, improvement of the conditions of study and life of cadets and students.
The department includes:
engineering staff and security team;
sector of physical support;
the food sector;
telecommunications sector;
motor vehicle group
The engineering staff and security team are responsible for the operation and repair of buildings, structures, communications, equipment and equipment, arrange for repair and construction work, etc.
The Supply Sector provides the University's staff with uniforms, washable staff, laundry, clothing and footwear repairs.
The Food Supply Sector organizes high-quality meals at the University's variable warehouse, ensuring that the hygiene requirements are met while storing and processing food, cooking and eating.
The telecommunications sector organizes power supply as well as wired and radio communications in all structural units of the University.
The motor vehicle maintenance team is responsible for the reliable operation of existing vehicles, carries out technical inspections, maintenance and repair of equipment.

Senior Engineer of MTZ Department

MYRONYUK Oleh Dmytrovych

Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Protection

Engineer of MTZ Department

SUHUTOV Serhiy Mykolayovych

Specialist of MTZ Department 

HARYSH Lyubov Yuriyivna

Specialist of MTZ Department 

ROMANSKY Petro Mykolayovych

Lieutenant of the Civil Protection

Head of Material Provision Sector

HUDYMA Volodymyr Petrovych

Lieutenant Colonel of Civil Protection

Head of Food Provision Sector

FINYAGIN Vadym Oleksiyovych

Lieutenant Colonel of Civil Protection

Head of Telecommunication Sector

Bashtalyha Myron Ivanovych

Head of the Motor Transport Sector

Hrynkiv Mykhaylo Ivanovych

Lieutenant Colonel of Civil Protection



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