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 The contest for best term project on discipline “Fire and industrial automatics” for the forth time was held in Lviv State University of Life Safety with the support of LLC RPF “Brand Master Plus” at the department of electrical technology, industrial and automatic firefighting equipment. Three best projects were chosen by contest committee among great amount of term projects of cadets and students of forth year study of the institute of fire and technogenic safety. The first place obtained the cadet of FS-44 Zapotyns’kyi Oleksandr Ivanovych. The winner of the contest and his monitor, the lecturer Yankiv Vasyl Volodymyrovych received commemorative prizes from this company which works successfully on the market of firefighting service and pays much attention to support of talented youth and encourages holding of such kind of competitions.
For 4 years running the University cooperates closely with the company “Brand Master Plus” which specializes in development, production and implementation of gas and dry chemical fire suppression technique, projecting, erecting work, commissioning of safety systems of different difficulty levels in the spheres of fire extinguishing, security and fire alarm system, video observation and access.
 LSU LS actively collaborates with leading enterprise of Ukraine in the sphere of radiation safety “SIE Sparing-Vist Centre”. Production and implementation of measuring instruments and control facilities, monitoring techniques and life safety ensuring in the area of radiation is impossible without strong interaction between scientists and manufacturing industry that is brightly illustrated by association agreement of LSU LS and “SIE Sparing-Vist Centre”. By using enterprise production, which is largely presented in list of equipment of SES subdivisions of Ukraine, cadets and students master the skills of working with control equipment, develop the methods of prevention of radiation accidents and disasters occurrence. For this purpose, certification of applied research laboratory equipped with “SIE Sparing-Vist Centre” tools is being held by the department of scientific research organization.


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