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Department for economics and finance

About the Department of Economics and Finance

In its activities, the Department of Economics and Finance (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is guided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine and resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Charter of the University, Of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of January 26, 2011 No. 59 "On Approval of the Model Regulations on the Accounting Service of the Budget Organization", other normative legal acts of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine ayiny accounting, and this Charter.

The department is an independent structural unit of the Lviv State University of Life Safety (hereinafter - the University) and reports to the Rector of the University.
The Department of Economics and Finance has its own round stamp with the name: "SES of Ukraine. Lviv State University of Life Safety. For business and monetary documents. Code №08571340 ».

Main task

Organization of financial support of the University.
Formation of budget indicators, financing, use of budget funds.
Organization of pay and social benefits.
Maintenance of accounting of financial and economic activity of the University and preparation of reports.
Reflection in the documents of reliable and complete information on business transactions as a result of activities required for the prompt management of budgetary allocations (appropriations) and financial and material (intangible) resources.
Ensure compliance with budgetary laws when making budget commitments, making payments in line with budget commitments, ensuring accurate and complete accounting of accounting and reporting operations.


Formation of budget indicators, financing, planning of revenues to the special fund.
Accrual and payment within the established term of financial support to the persons of the rank and file staff, salaries of workers and employees, financial support to the University cadets;
Accounting in accordance with national accounting regulations (standards), in the public sector, as well as other regulations on accounting, including the use of a unified automated accounting and reporting system.
Preparation on the basis of accounting data of the financial and budgetary reports, as well as the state statistical and other reports in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation.
Compliance with budget legislation when making budget commitments, registering them with the bodies of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine and making payments in accordance with the legislation.
Proper enrollment and use of the University's own revenues.
Timely reporting.
Timely and full transfer of taxes and fees (required payments) to the respective budgets.
Use of financial, material and information resources during the adoption and processing of documents on conducting business operations.
Inventory of fixed assets, inventory, cash, documents, calculations and other balance sheet items.
Instruction of materially responsible persons on the issues of accounting and preservation of material assets, which are in their responsible storage.
 Exercise control over the compliance of the expenditures of the Annual Plan of Public Procurement with the estimated purpose.
Approval of draft contracts for the purchase of goods, works and services in terms of providing them with estimated assignments and the correctness of bank details.
Storage of accounting documents, accounting records, cost estimates, payments to them, other documents, as well as their submission to the archive in due course.
Organization in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine timely consideration of letters, statements and complaints of individuals and legal entities on issues that are within the competence of the Division.
Other functions related to the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Division.

Laws and Responsibilities

Obtain information, documents and materials necessary for the accomplished tasks and functions, including using modern means of computer transmission and information processing.
Obtaining from the structural divisions of the University the necessary information that is within the competence of the Division.
Coordination of draft orders, submission of additional notes, proposals on matters within the competence of the Division.
Convening in due course meetings on matters within the competence of the department.
Participation in meetings of conferences, meetings, seminars on matters within the competence of the Division.
Interaction with other structural units
The department, in the performance of its tasks, interacts with other structural units of the University. The Division has the right to request from the structural units of the University the information and reporting documents and materials necessary for the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to the Division, the preparation of summarized materials.
If necessary, and in agreement with the University management, involve the employees of the structural units of the University to consider and prepare proposals on matters within the competence of the Division.


Department staff



Head of the department

KISIL Ivanna Volodymyrivna

Senior Lt. Civil Protection Service

Deputy Head of Department

RICHVA Maria Vasylivna

Head of Material Accounting

BUY Nadiya Ivanivna

Lieutenant of the Civil Protection

Head of Settlement Sector

MIKHASHULA Yaryna Mironovna

Lieutenant of the Civil Protection

Department Specialist

HAMAN Halyna Valeriyivna

Lieutenant of the Civil Protection


MOSKVYAK Halyna Marianivna


MARUNYA Iryna Mykhaylivna


KOMARNYTSKA Romanna Romanivna


PASICHNYK Oryslava Volodymyrivna


HOLUBYEVA Ilona Valentynivna


BOYKO Tamara Konstantynivna


Contact information:

Our address: 35, Kleparivska St., Lviv

Our telephones:

теl. (032) 233-32-40 – man on duty in University

теl./fax (032) 233-00-88 – office

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