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Special courses

       Special courses were established at the Institute of Postgraduate Education at Lviv State University of Life Safety at State Emergency Service of  Ukraine for further training of specialists of institutions and organizations and for them to gain expertise in the field of economic activities of fire-fighting, according to the order of the Ministry of Ukraine of 29.09.2011 № 1037 "On approval of the license conditions of the business of providing services and fire safety works. " 

Procedure for special education is stipulated by the order of State Emergency Service of Ukraine and Lviv State University of Life Safety.
Special education at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies is based on a license from the MES of Ukraine of 05.06.2013, theAE number 270,539 according to State Emergency Service of Ukraine approved programs and curriculums (№ 02-3260/261 of 13.03.2014).
       Special education (educational services) at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies is carried out on a tuition fee basis. Tariffing and estimate expenses for providing educational services are determined in accordance by the joint order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine of 23/07/2010 № 736/902/758 «Procedure for granting commercial educational services to state and municipal schools" and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 30.11.2010 Number 1196/18491.

Institute of Postgraduate Education at Lviv State University of Life Safety provides special training for managers, fire-fighting workers and business entities with different ownership rights, who wish to get further (confirmed) license for the relevant kind of economic activity in State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the following areas:

Activity   according to the license conditions
Duration of the special course
Heads (h) Performer (h)
2.1 Design of fire-fighting systems (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol), fire alarm, fire alert and evacuation management, smoke protection, transmission of fire alert, lightning protection devices, and fireproof covering 126 126
2.2 Installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol) 80 56
2.3 Installation of fire alert systems and evacuation management, transmitting fire alerts devices 52 52
2.4 Maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire alerts and evacuation management 40 40
2.5 Installation and  maintenance of smoke protection systems 64 40
2.6 Automatic fire observation facilities (construction manager) 140  
2.6 automatic fire observation of objects (software engineer)   58
2.6 automatic fire observation sites (Dispatcher)   32
2.7 Maintenance of primary means of fire-fighting (water, foam, powder, gas fire extinguishers, fire hydrants sets) 40 40
2.8 Installation, inspection (checking) lightning protection devices 40 40
2.9 Installation of gates, doors, windows, hatches, screens with normalized valve outside fire 40 40
2.10 Fire-retardant impregnation (deep and shallow) 40 40
2.11 Surface fireproof treatment (painting, plastering, wrapping, lining) 40 40
2.12 Fire retardant filling 40 40
2.13 brickwork, repair, cleaning and inspection (testing) furnaces, chimneys, flues (chimneys, smoke flues) 36 36
- Safety awareness testing 4 4
- Training of officials of the executive authorities and local self-government 17 17
- Training of officials of enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals 24 24

     After Rector’s approval, we prepare the application form including the cost estimates for providing educational services (special education) and Applicant and the University enter into a contract to provide educational services of the typical form of MES of Ukraine (Order of MES of Ukraine of 11.03.2002, № 183 and registered with the Ministry of Justice Ukraine 03.04.2002 № 329/6617), where  the size of tuition fee and payment due date are indicated. After paying the tuition fee the names of the students are  included into the list. Different forms of teaching are exploited including lectures, seminars, practical classes etc.
     Classes are conducted in classrooms, laboratories of university as well as on sites of the city with the assistance of skilled department staff of the University, practitioners.
     After graduating from special courses and successfully passing the comprehensive test, the students receive a certificate
      Person in charge of the special courses – Associate Professor, O. Vorobyov (contact: 0674951209)


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